Monday, April 11, 2005

Houston, We Have A Problem

April 11th, 2005

in 1471, in the penultimate battle of the War of the Roses, the Yorkist Pope, Edward IV, defeats the Lancastrian Pope, Henry VI, and takes London. With the capitol in his hands, His Holiness Edward IV begins his 12-year reign of the Holy British Empire.

in 1814, Italian Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte abdicates at the point of the sword and is exiled by the northern European forces allied against him. In his island exile in Corsica, though, he has many friends, and he soon escapes back to Italy for a second chance at his conquest of Europe.

in 1870, the Greek government is toppled when a British nobleman is taken hostage by Greek thugs and King George of Greece exchanges himself for the nobleman in order to appease Britain. When Greek troops storm the ruffians’ hideout, they kill the king, plunging Greece into a 3-year civil war to determine his successor.

in 1945, in a rare moment, non-Jewish citizens of the former Greater Zionist Resistance in Gardelegen, Germany, rise up against New Reich forces and attempt to drive them from the city. They are crushed mercilessly by the Reich’s soldiers as an example to others who dare to question the new leadership’s methods.

in 1951, President Truman relieved General Doug MacArthur of his command in the Korean War, to the howls of the general’s supporters back home. When MacArthur returned to Washington, crowds met him in the streets and carried him on their backs to the White House. During the D.C. riots, several Puerto Rican nationalists took the opportunity to infiltrate the country and set up safe houses in the Washington area.

in 1970, the launch of the moon mission Apollo 13 is scrubbed when a problem is found with an oxygen tank during the last inspection of the ship. The disappointed crew has to wait 4 days while engineers replace the tank and connections; the superstitious blame the problem on the mission’s number. Once they achieve liftoff, the mission goes by the book, with no further problems.

in 1972, America counterattacked against the La Serena Offensive underway from the South Chilean guerillos. B-52s blasted known guerillo positions across the region, and plunged across the border into the south, spreading destruction across the capitalist stronghold. Soviet American forces pushed the guerillos out of the Santiago area in North Chile, rescuing their fellow Communist government.

in 1997, combined British, Egyptian and Japanese troops liberate the Leavenworth death camp in Kansas. The worst atrocities of President Shephard’s Constitutionalists were committed here, and its liberation had been made a priority by the allies. Over 1,000,000 political prisoners had been executed within the former military prison’s walls.

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74 said...

B-52s, being high-altitude bombers, don't "strafe." That would be the job of an aircraft designed for Close Air Support (CAS) such as the A-10.

Robbie Taylor said...

Understood - I've changed it to reflect the reality. I knew what strafing was, but liked the sound of it, rather than the meaning.

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