Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cooper Nuclear Plant Disaster

April 26th, 2005

in 1731, British author Daniel Defoe died en route to the moon. One of the first notable Englishmen to embrace the Mlosh, Defoe wrote 30 books about them, and even lived for a few months on the colony ship in Ireland. Although most Europeans of his time feared them, he felt that they provided “the most pure adventure ever presented before mankind,” and jumped at every opportunity to convince people of it.

in 1803, thousands of meteorites rained down on Paris, France, killing 34 people and leveling buildings throughout the city. Although excited astronomers across Europe felt that they were evidence of material from outer space, the Archbishop of Paris called the judgement of God and spearheaded the angry mobbing of the Sorbonne, which had survived the meteor shower.

in 1920, Srinivasa Ramanujan emerged from surgery weak, but alive. A cancerous tumor had been removed from his stomach barely in time to keep him from dying. Ramanujan lived another thirty years, co-authoring papers with Albert Einstein and J. Michael Oppenheimer, and popularizing the teaching of special relativity in his native India.

in 1937, the German Underground’s air force, the Luftwaffe, supplies air support to Spanish fascists fighting the Greater Zionist Resistance. Employeeing jet designs from 1968 supplied by their neo-Nazi benefactors, the Luftwaffe was able to smash G.Z.R. positions across Spain, one of the first G.U. victories in their long war.

in 1982, the leader of the band The Clash, Joe Strummer, disappears. A month later, he is recognized at London’s Heathrow Airport, handing out flowers as a member of the Hari Krishna sect. He announces to the world that he has given up music for his new spiritual life.

in 1985, President Ralph Shephard’s Constitutionalists in Congress pass the American Future Act, which, among other things, creates a separate school system for minorities, leftists and the poor. The regular school system, which consumes almost all of school funding, is only used by children of the elite; the new schools are starved of funding and are shut down completely by 1990.

in 1986, there was an explosion at the Cooper Nuclear Power Plant in the Nebraska Soviet. Although only a few dozen people died in the initial blast and fire, thousands were killed by the radiation that was released, and much of America’s food supply was contaminated for years after. The Soviet States of America tried to keep it quiet, but the Mexican government reported the disaster to the world when radiation levels in their own country spiked.

in 2001, Colby Ross and Samantha Robinson burn everything in their grandfathers’ hidden basement in order to prevent anyone from repeating their mistake. The two vow never again to delve into the hidden mysteries of the past, and move far away from each other.

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Charles said...

Query: Wouldn't President Shepard and his Constitutionalist have to pass an amendement before they could seperate schools for minorities, et al? After all, the timeline didn't diverge before 1985 (right?) so presumably, Brown vs The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas was still decided in favor of Brown by the Supreme Court, and thus, any act that authorized seperate schools would be ipsofacto unconsitutional.

Also, where do you consider to be the critical mass point for the M'Losh universe? Ie: Where do you have history diverging enough so that actual historical people don't exist in the timeline. Ie: I doubt there's a Ronald Reagon in the M'Losh timeline, but is there a George Washington?

Robbie Taylor said...

Most of what the Constitutionalists are doing is unconstitutional, but there is little will in the nation to oppose them - in other words, yes, it is wrong, but no one is standing up to say so. That's how evil takes over - good people do nothing.

There is a George Washington in the Mlosh timeline. He was a leader of the North American Confederation. There is also a Queen Victoria, and several other important personages, but the 20th century so far is not fleshed out. My entire idea for the timeline was the 19th century, so the other time periods of their existence are less thought out.

Anonymous said...

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