Saturday, April 09, 2005

Edward IV Recovers; U.S. Invades Greenland

April 9th, 2005

in 1483, King Edward IV of England recovered from a debilitating illness that had threatened to kill him. With his daughter’s marriage to Henry Tudor of the Lancastrian branch of the Plantaganets, King Edward brought an end to the War of the Roses between the Yorkists and Lancastrians. He continued to rule Britain until his death in 1511.

in 1821, French author Charles-Pierre Baudelaire is born in Paris, France. He spent most of his life in the French colony on Titan, penning such works as Stars of Evil, Painter of Modern Life and Stellar Art. For a brief period, he wrote for the Mlosh-owned French vid company Les Etoilles, but artistic differences forced him to resign.

in 1859, Sam Clemens, one of the most celebrated of the old steamboat pilots, received his license. Clemens was such a larger than life individual that he inspired dozens of writers who used him as a character in their work; sadly, Clemens own literary ambitions never reached fruition because of his work.

in 1881, a thrown-together court sentenced William Bonney (Billy the Kid) to death for the murder of Sheriff William Brady. The arresting sheriff, Pat Garrett, had wanted to construct a gallows to be used in future hangings, but was persuaded simply to throw a rope over a tree branch and have done with it that day.

in 1959, the first American astronauts are introduced to the nation by the People’s Aeronautics and Space Administration (PASA). These 7 comrades paved the way for the Soviet States of America to become the world’s leading space power.

in 1972, as she is midway through her Oscar acceptance speech, Jane Fonda is shot by a Vietnam vet who was angered by her anti-war activism. Ron Kovic, who had been shot in the head during his tour, was immediately arrested for the crime. During the trial, he used an insanity defense and was acquitted of the murder charge, but spent the next 10 years in a VA mental hospital.

in 1992, the United States invades Greenland and sets up a puppet Consitutionalist government. Greenlanders sympathetic to the American cause had aided the invasion by betraying the location of Greenland’s meager military resources to the invaders; they were repaid when President Ralph Shephard of the U.S. put them into positions of power.

in 2000, the Gamers from Beyond settle down in the New Mexico desert to finish up their gamemaster Bill Burke’s campaign The Busride Of Doom at the very location he has been describing. Their fellow dead gamers from the southwest crowd around and cheer their heroic story as it reaches its climax.

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