Friday, April 08, 2005

Siddhartha Born; Lynn Executed

April 8th, 2005

in 563 BC, Emperor Siddhartha was born in India among the Sakya. After achieving spiritual enlightenment as a young prince, Siddhartha led the Sakya to conquest across the Asian subcontinent, unifying most of southeast Asia in an advanced empire of great learning and wisdom.

in 1455, descendants of Telka the Speaker maneuver their candidate for the papacy, Alfonso de Borgia, into the Shoes of the Fisherman. Pope Callistus III funnels huge amounts of wealth to a secret fund that will finance the Speaker’s Children for centuries.

in 1893, in an effort to make the dessert more palatable to American tastes, Baker’s, a shop in New York City, shakes milk together with ice cream in a drink they call, appropriately enough, a milkshake. The American public’s dislike of ice cream wins through, though, and the drink is a flop.

in 1899, the horror of Martha Place’s execution in the electric chair in New York led to a widespread movement to ban the death penalty for women; Place had been the first woman executed by this new invention. After the nation banned the death penalty for women in 1902, a more widespread ban on the ultimate penalty was enacted in 1910, abolishing it entirely in the United States for all crimes other than treason.

in 1952, President McCarthy nationalized the steel industry when it looked like he couldn’t end a strike by Ohio steelworkers quickly. When the Supreme Court ruled that he was stepping outside of constitutional boundaries by doing so, he sent in the U.S. military to arrest the Court. After he suspended the elections that year, millions of Americans, including large numbers of the military, rose up against him and plunged the nation into a 5-year civil war.

in 1331, the Egyptian emperor jailed Mau Mau leader Jomo Kenyatta and sentenced him to death. Kenyatta had been leading the Mau Mau in mostly non-violent protests against Egyptian rule, and the emperor felt that Kenyatta’s removal from the movement would kill it. It had the opposite effect; the Mau Mau were able to achieve independence after Kenyatta’s death inspired more people to join their fight.

in 1972, South Chilean guerillos strike east from Val Paraiso, cutting the capitol of Santiago off from the rest of the north. American troops immediately move to aid the embattled Communist regime, and quickly push the guerillos a safe distance away from Santiago.

in 1997, anti-Constitutionalist minister Barry W. Lynn is executed by Constitutionalists following orders from President Ralph Shephard. Lynn had been active in the underground American movement getting dissidents out of the country and working to overthrow the one-party rule Shephard had implemented.

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Dave said...

Dude, are you lactose interloant or something? What have you got against ice cream?

Robbie Taylor said...

lol - I love ice cream, but I started up the "nobody screams for ice cream" timeline last summer and whenever I see some milestone for ice cream in my source material (which is pretty rare), I have to put in an entry for it.

Today was actually the day that the milkshake, or ice cream soda, was declared the national drink by a prominent paper.

Mark said...

Great site!

Have you ever considered using a more religious neutral dating scheme?

Instead of AD and BC, BCE = Before Current Era and CE = Current Era.

Just a thought. Best, Mark

Kandin teh Mandin said...

meh meh meh meh meh - Who really cares? I'm convinced of my own divinity, but I don't set the calendar by my own birth.

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