Saturday, May 21, 2005

Aristocles Born; Lindbergh Crashes In Atlantic

May 21st, 2005

in Hellenic Year 3334, distinguished Athenian statesman Aristocles was born in Athens. Under his leadership, Athens regained a portion of the glory it had lost in the Peloponnesian War, and extended the democratic ideal to several smaller city-states.

in 1910, Q’B’Ton’ra is executed by his former military leaders in an effort to quell his supporters in the civil war raging in the Mlosh home system. Their leader’s death does take the wind out of their sails, and mass surrenders begin across the system.

in 1924, reactionaries Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were arrested by Chicago police after attempting to assassinate Comrade Judge Clarence Darrow. The pair were the children of industrialists who fled the country soon after; it was thought the young men acted as part of a larger conspiracy against Chicago’s Communist Party.

in 1927, French aviation fans waiting for American Charles Lindbergh at Le Bourget Field in Paris are thrown into mourning when news reaches them that young Mr. Lindbergh has ditched in the Atlantic. He had fallen asleep at the controls, and since weight restrictions had forced him to fly without a parachute, he died in the crash.

in 1945, noted surgeon and New York socialite Humphrey Bogart wed the much younger Betty Perske, a dancer with the New York Ballet. 46-year-old Bogart and his 23-year-old bride were the subject of many scandalous reports in the Big Apple’s gossip columns, but they seemed to be truly in love – they remained married until Bogart’s death from lung cancer in 1957.

in 1971, Pete Best released Scapegoat, a musical stab at his former bandmates The Silver Beatles, who had been talking to tabloids about him. The album mocked their bitterness at their lack of success without him.

in 1988, in an attempt to strengthen his own position, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev dismissed the Communist Party leaders in Armenia and Azerbaijan. This triggers a rebellion within the Soviet Union’s Communists, and Gorbachev is ousted from power in a military coup the next year.

in 1991, Rajiv Gandhi barely escaped an assassination attempt when he dropped a bouquet that had been handed to him while being pressed by a crowd of supporters. A bomb hidden in the bouquet exploded, killing a young girl and wounding several people in the crowd; the scene of Gandhi holding the young girl as she died propelled him back into the Prime Minister’s position, where he led a renewed Indian assault against domestic terrorism.

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