Wednesday, May 18, 2005

In Labor We Trust

May 18th, 2005

in 1302, inspired by stories of the Greek democracies, Flemish weaver Peter de Coninck led a revolt against the oligarchical rulers of his people and installed Peasant’s Council to rule the Flemish people. This lasted until 1381, when they were conquered by French noblemen.

in 1802, Italian ruler Napoleon Buonaparte’s interference in France and Switzerland causes Great Britain to declare war against him. It is along and bitter struggle, as Buonaparte is a military genius and the British are slow to gain allies.

in 1908, Congress passed legislation to add a motto onto American coinage: In Labor We Trust. Comrades across the nation rejoiced at the declaration of America’s status as the Worker’s Paradise, and Communist Party leader Eugene Debs used it as his campaign’s motto in his successful presidential run.

in 1910, the Mlosh home system erupts in civil war, with the Q’Barian rebels gaining a quick upper hand, backed by the Jovians, who see an opportunity to gain control of the system this way.

in 1926, Aimee Semple McPherson was raptured. Millions of her followers expected to follow, but it looked like she was the only one called at this time. Disappointed Christians missed the charismatic evangelist, but rejoiced that she had been called to Heaven.

in 1974, India exploded its first nuclear weapon. Alarmed at the thought of a hostile neighbor with atomic bombs, China and Pakistan made a secret alliance and invaded India one month later. Although they used their one remaining nuke to bomb Beijing, India was conquered by the combined Pakistani and Chinese forces in the 2 year-long war.

in 12-18-6-16-15, the Louwala-Clough volcano erupted in the northwest territories of the Salish people, sending refugees streaming south. Emperor Tchihuitcho declared the area a disaster, and sent troops and money in to help the Salish dig out and rebuild the land, although he forbade them from building too close to the volcano again.

in 1994, Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip ended, and the newly-created Palestinian Authority took over. Since the Jewish nation worked with the Palestinians to strengthen their government, the Palestinians were able to quell dissenters within their own ranks who were still calling for war with Israel, and the two nations began their first peaceful coexistence.

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L-girl said...

Wow! Love your blog. Am linking to you shortly.

Writer said...

Ah nuts. I like Indian culture, how are they going to survive the Communist dictatorship of China?

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