Friday, May 27, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

May 27th, 2005

in 1800, the Mlosh finalized the independence of the North American Confederation from Great Britain, France, Spain and the Iroquois Confederation. The 3 European nations went into rapid decline following the loss of their North American colonies, but the Iroquois began a healthy alliance that lasts to the present day.

in 1872, on the 50th anniversary of Charles Babbage's difference engine, Thomas Edison unveiled his electric-powered version of the machine. The Edison EDE's, (Eddies, as they were known popularly), initially sold only to the US, British and French governments, became so useful that within a decade, most governments and large businesses were using them.

in 4600, the Emperor Chengzu's Star Fleet landed Ouyang Ziyuan on the moon. The Star Sailor's first words from the satellite were, "This is one small step for a humble servant, but a great leap for our Glorious Emperor." A dozen landings and a small colony followed, but with Chengzu's death in 4623, the Star Fleet became less of a priority for the Emperors of China.

in 1919, the Greater Zionist Resistance rose up in the European area known as The Pale, beginning the movement that would bring chaos to eastern Europe for the next 30 years. Begun by Astrid Pflaume, a fascist German time-traveler, a member of a neo-Nazi group seeking to foment an actual Jewish conspiracy, she succeeded in ways they had not anticipated.

in 1956, Joel Rosenberg secured the nomination of the Communist Party to represent them in the general election. He would face Socialist President Adlai Stevenson in the general election and defeat him soundly, ensuring Communist control of the Soviet States of America for the next 16 years. His own Presidency was sadly cut short in Dallas in 1962, when he was assasinated by a fascist counter-revolutionary, Lee Harvey Oswald.

in 1981, Fuhrer Adolf Hitler of the German Reich died in his sleep after almost 50 years in power. Europe was plunged almost immediately into civil war as dozens of subjugated peoples attempted to throw off their yokes after decades of fascist oppression.

in 12-19-6-1-0, King Chihuehue of the Inca declared himself the heir by marriage to the Mayan throne, after the death of his father-in-law, Emperor Mectezume. He was uncontested, and is expected to rule until the end of the age in 12 years, when Quetzelcoatl shall return.

in 2002, the immortal Comte de St Germaine finally achieved his goal of uncovering the Holy Grail. With its power, he began his campaign to have himself declared King of the Holy British Empire.

in 2004, I started this blog as a fun little time waster, thinking I would put down some ideas for different stories I was working on every now and then, using it as kind of a writer’s scratch pad. Instead, it got noticed by such diverse sites as Boing Boing, Metafilter, USA Today Online, Steve Jackson Games, and even Instapundit, of all things, and here we are a year later with over 107,000 visits, around 800 daily readers of the site and the various feeds that have sprung up for it, only one missed date, (the day after my daughter’s birth), and almost 170,000 words of alternate history fun. Today’s post is the one that I started off with last year; you can see the beginning of several of the recurring timelines in it. The one about Hitler dying is not part of the G.Z.R. timeline, in spite of some similarities – it’s just that all good alternate histories have to have something about a triumphant Nazi regime, (it’s in the Constitution or something). I really appreciate your time, and hope that you’ve found this site entertaining enough to keep coming back to.


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B. said...

Happy anniversary! (Before I caught the title of this post, I was going to post that I thought the text of the GZR entry looked familiar... *grin*)

Writer said...

You didn't answer my question. Did you create the Mlosh language or is it jiberish.
Also, I did a bit on your web sit at my blog.

Robbie Taylor said...

Like I said before, I didn't create a language for them, so I guess you could call it gibberish with a little thought.

Thanks again for the mention!

S. Way said...

You know what I would have liked to have seen the other day? Something along the lines of:

24 May

in 1941 Robert Zimmerman, one of the great leaders of the Semitic-African Resistance is born. First capturing the attention of SAR high-ups through his popular folk tunes that captured the plight of ethnic groups in America, he eventually became right-hand man to Kwame Tour, Leroy Cleaver and many SAR commanders.


in 1941, Robert Zimmerman, future Bundist President of the United States, is born in Minnesota. His almost poetic way with words captured the hearts and minds of the American right during his speeches, which secured both his 1978 nomination by the American Bund Party, and both the popular and electoral vote in that year's election, much to the distress of the remaining fragments of the Semitic-African Resistance. During his single term in office, minorities, particularly Jews, suffered far, far worse persecution than they ever did under Rockwell, due in large part to Zimmerman's Uniting and Cleansing America Act.

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