Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cinq Du Mai

May 5th, 2005

in 1821, Napoleon Buonaparte, the Italian Emperor who very nearly conquered all of Europe, died in exile in his home of Corsica. The rest of Europe breathed a sigh of relief at the passing of The Little Roman.

in 1852, the Communist Party newspaper Truth started publication in New Hampshire. It had a circulation of 200 people with its first issue; today, it reaches almost 200 million.

in 1862, overwhelming French force swept through the Puebla de Los Angeles, and the Mexicans under Benito Juarez were forced to bow to French authority again. Mexico became nothing more than a French vassal state for the next century.

in 12-13-2-7-2, the Sioux chief Tantanka Yotanka left Oueztecan territory in an effort to prevent retaliations against his people because of his military victory at the Montana. He joined with the Kree people to the north and blended in with them for a few years before the call of his own nation forced him and his warriors to the south again.

in 1910, Q’Bar negotiatiors walk out of the Barnard’s Star talks when Jovian Mlosh demand that they vacate the Mlosh homeworld as part of the conditions of ending the war. After hours of pleading, the Congress of Nation mediators are able to bring them back.

in 1959, author Robert David Strawn was born in Alexandria, Virginia. The polymath Strawn produced novels and games in many genres, including science fiction/fantasy, history, and New Age philosophy. He was also the author of a science fiction role-playing game, Epilogue, which became something of a cult hit in the 1980’s.

in 1961, America launched it best astronaut, John Glenn, into space, making him the first American to leave the earth. Some had speculated that Glenn might not be the first, but public and political pressures forced NASA to put him up.

in 1986, after an initially strong bid by Cleveland, Ohio, the Rock & roll Hall of Fame was awarded to Los Angeles, California. I mean, come on - Cleveland?!?

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So Cleveland is uncool?

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