Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Battle Of Pichincha; Smartnet Operations Begin

May 24th, 2005

in 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus, heretical astronomer, was hunted down by good Christians and burned at the stake. His treatise Six Books Concerning the Revolution of the Heavenly Orbs maintained that the earth was not at the center of the universe, contradicting the Bible and angering the Church fathers of his native Poland.

in 1764, Boston lawyer James Otis decried the British Parliament’s taxation without representation, which he attempted to make a rallying cry for colonial resistance against English rule; the utter lack of support he gathered for this cause demonstrated how little people cared about a few cents in taxes.

in 1822, the Spanish military defeats revolutionary Simon Bolivar at Pichinca, and captures the legendary Creole himself. While being transported back to Spain, the ship carrying Bolivar is attacked by pirates, who swear allegiance to Bolivar. He builds these two ships into a small fleet that liberates many Spanish possessions across the world.

in 1910, the Jovian Mlosh alliance begins negotiating with the Congress of Nations for transport ships to help move the Q’Bar from the Mlosh home system to the Kantar star system. It appears that the Q’Bar will soon be vacating the system that has been their home since the Mlosh created them.

in 1913, the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad learned that the U.S. Department of Labor was going to stand firmly on the side of the workers in America as they ended a Railroad Clerks Union strike in favor of the union. Socialist President Woodrow Wilson, in spite of intense lobbying from the owners of several trusts, stands behind his Labor Secretary, and capitalists in America wake up to their new reality.

in 1964, Ed Sullivan played a taped performance of Pete Best on his show “in order to avoid all the screaming girls.” The international superstar played his hit song Love & Money from his upcoming movie All Night Long.

in 1986, the boy band The Monkees finally called it quits on their 20th Anniversary tour. They had lost original members Mike Nesmith in ’74 and Davy Jones in ’79, and Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork were ready to move on to other projects. Their legions of fans were saddened, but after 20 years together, it did seem to be time for them to part.

in 2004, the first Smartnet nodes began operation around the country. Concentrated in college towns and large industrial centers at first, the Smartnet wireless connections to the internet prove so popular that Congress expands the funding for them. President Al Gore basks in the glow of the popular program, and his approval ratings soar.


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