Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars

May 19th, 2005

in 1588, the Invincible Armada of Spain set sail for the English Channel. Once they had obliterated the British navy, they transported Spanish troops to the English mainland, conquering the once-proud island nation for King Phillip.

in 1897, the Marquess of Queensbury shot author Oscar Wilde on the day of his release from prison. The Marquess had been angered by Wilde’s homosexual affair with his son, and wanted the author dead before he could flee the country. Wilde’s intention to leave England for Paris was well known among his associates, and the Marquess was not going to stand for it.

in 1910, Q’Barian supporters of Q’B’Ton’ra attack the Jovian capitol of H’ket’Lika on Europa in an effort to draw Jovian forces away from the Mlosh home system. The plan backfires – the Q’B’Ton’rans are decimated by the Jovian system’s defenses.

in 1925, American leader of the Semitic-African Resistance, Malcolm Little, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His experience with racism in America forged him into one of the nation’s most effective leaders of the S.A.R., willing to strike back when necessary.

in 4648, Sumo wrestler Yoshio Shirai defeated Chinese champion Xu Beihong to recapture the Imperial Championship for Nippon for the first time in a century. Ever since the sport had gained popularity in the Chinese Empire in 4539, Chinese champions had held the crown; Yoshio’s victory brought dancing in the streets across Nippon.

in 1967, the Senate of the Soviet States of America ratified a treaty with Europe banning nuclear weapons in space. It was assumed by all sides that the world would be better off without having to worry about atomic bombs from the heavens, but the treaty also restricted nuclear-powered spacecraft, a limitation that both sides soon found too restrictive.

in 1999, schlock filmmaker George Lucas released the 4th episode in his space opera series, Star Wars. It had taken him 16 years to find backers willing to fund another bomb, since Lucas’ career had stalled with the original movie in 1977. A small devoted core of fans kept him going, and that’s what the producers were counting on.

in 2003, Worldcom’s offer of $500 million to settle its $11 billion accounting fraud is seen as not just inadequate, but an insult to investors, who press for criminal charges against the company’s management.

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S. Way said...

You missed out this entry for the Star Wars timeline:
14 May
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 based on the bestselling novel by L. Ron hubbard is released, and is lauded by critics. Hubbard's mastery of directing and dialogue is shown in the top-selling film of 2000, and it is said by most to be one of the best sci-fi films of all time. George Lucas said it was the movie he had wanted Star Wars to be.

Gonna have to wait till next year.

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