Saturday, May 28, 2005

Orange Eddies; Amnesty International

May 28th, 2005

in 1704, Pope Henry IV succeeded his father, Stephen II, as pope of the Holy British Empire. Stephen II left behind a legacy of fanaticism unequaled in the history of either the church or the empire; thousands of so-called "Protestants" were put to the stake under his reign.

in 4558, Emperor Min-Yuan granted freedom to the vassals of the west. It was a controversial move that caused the Viet and Siamese people to attempt secession; in the war that followed, the Viet were almost wiped out, and the Siamese eventually switched sides back to the Empire.

in 1899, Thomas Edison announced the new Eddie for a new century, the Mandarin. The 20th century line of Eddies was named after orange varieties, and proved to be very popular; the cost was down to that of a new car, and they were the size of a large car. Edison vowed that with the Orange line of Eddies, by the end of the next century, an Eddie would be the size of a desk. Skeptics abounded.

in 1910, the Q’Bar sign the terms of surrender at the Barnard’s Star talks. They will be moving their entire race from the Mlosh home system to the Kantar star system, a move financed by the Jovian Mlosh, although Mlosh from across the system donate money to the cause. There is riotous celebration in all Mlosh communities after this victory.

in 1961, Amnesty International, an underground organization dedicated to documenting human rights abuses across German-dominated Eurasia, is founded by British lawyer Peter Benenson. Benenson is killed by the German Reich later in the year, but A.I. continued to go on, at least slowing the international acceptance of the Reich’s abuses.

in 1963, Comrade Elvis Presley, People's Attorney for the Soviet of Tennessee, declared that counter-revolutionary Lee Harvey Oswald had not acted alone in the assasination of Comrade President Rosenberg the year before. His far-reaching investigation was quashed by the Federal Soviet.

in 1995, an earthquake levels the Russian town of Khabarovsk, and in particular smashes a temple that had been erected 5 centuries before by Baron Mikhail von Heflin. From across the world, he senses what has happened and rushes back to the old country.

in 2004, Marjorie Adams visits the Smartnet node at UCLA to see if she can piece together some of the things her dead father had hinted at in his correspondence with her were true. After speaking with Doug Barrister, the new Smartnet Administrator, she is somewhat reassured, but something about Barrister doesn’t sit well with her. She plans a return visit to UCLA – with some hacker friends.


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s. way said...

What's with the mixing old posts with new ones? Couldnae you have gotten all-new material?

s. way said...

And is the whole Smartnet thing just a ripoff of Terminator?

Robbie Taylor said...

In the recent poll on whether to have all new material or split it half and half, half and half won pretty convincingly.

Robbie Taylor said...

There's all kinds of evil computer things that can happen without leading to the Terminator. Just because all of them end in "net" - Skynet, Smartnet, - doesn't make them all the same.


S. Way said...

WITHOUT leading to terminator? Pshaw. Unlikely.

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