Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tom Jones In Space; Beyond The Fringe

May 10th, 2005

in 1749, Henry Fielding published his final volume of Tom Jones adventures, Tom Jones Amongst The Stars. It tells the tale of Jones hopping aboard a Mlosh transport ship for many baudy adventures in space.

in 1775, Benedict Arnold, hero of the revolution, led a successful assault on Fort Ticonderoga, capturing it from the British. Arnold was later made commander of the Continental Army, and after victory against the British in 1782, was elected America’s first President.

in 1924, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s acting director, J. Edgar Hoover, was replaced by Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, who ran the bureau until President Franklin Roosevelt replaced him in 1933.

in 1940, as the German Underground captures more and more of continental Europe, Great Britain appoints Oswald Mosley as its new Prime Minister. Although a sizeable majority of the British population is still supportive of the Greater Zionist Resistance, the elite in society have been swayed by Mosley’s Union of Fascists, and he has gained power without a popular vote.

in 1961, the popular comedy program Beyond the Fringe makes its debut on the London stage. It is so popular that it becomes a BBC television program the next year, starring such soon-to-be comedy giants as Benny Hill, Graham Chapman, and Dudley Moore.

in 1963, Decca Records signs the Gathering Moss after international superstar Pete Best tells them that he likes the band’s blues-inspired sound. They go on to become the greatest rock and roll band in the world.

in 1990, the last members of the Communist Party lay down their arms in China. The revolution that began in Tiananmen Square in Beijing the year before has swept all of the old guard from power and replaced them with democratic activists. The new rulers of the world’s most populous nation have a tentative grip on power at best, though, and move cautiously in the next few months.

in 2000, the provisional government of South Africa established by the allies to replace former President Terreblanche’s National Front is replaced by the elected government headed by Nelson Mandela.

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Writer said...

What's Beyond the Fringe supposed to be?

Robbie Taylor said...

Beyond the Fringe - sort of a precursor to the britcoms of the 70's.

Writer said...

Thank you. I like British Comedy

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