Thursday, May 12, 2005

Magna Carta; Anderson Goes To Cuba

May 12th, 2005

in 1215, King John of England forces the barons of his country to accept a charter of rights for both commoners and noblemen. This causes a minor war as the barons refuse to accept this Magna Carta giving their subjects any rights at all.

in 1910, Q’Barian representatives at the Barnard’s Star talks declare that they are willing to talk about moving from the Mlosh home system, but insist on having another system prepared for them by the Mlosh first. The Jovians and the Congress of Nations both suggest the Kantar star system; it has several habitable planets and moons, as well as the advantage of being outside of the sphere of Mlosh and human influence.

in 1928, when dictator Benito Mussolini abolishes women’s rights in Italy, a Lysistrata-like rebellion from the country’s ladies forces Il Duce to back down. After this humiliating defeat, he is unable to rule with as harsh a fist as he had before, and is ousted from power in 1930.

in 1932, an infant’s body was found near the Lindbergh home in New Jersey, and at first it was believed to be the young Lindbergh boy. When it was revealed that the infant was a girl, the search remained on, and the Lindberghs retained their hope that their son would be found.

in 1937, Pope George VI put on the shoes of the fisherman in Buckingham Cathedral after his brother Edward gave up the papacy of the Holy British Empire out of love for a Protestant woman. Former Pope Edward had fallen in love with a colonial woman, Wallis Warfield, in spite of her heretical views, and gave up an empire for her.

in 1941, Rashid Ali al-Gailani pledges his support for the Greater Zionist Resistance, one of the first Arabic leaders to do so since the German Underground began its war against the G.Z.R. His Iraqi troops were soon joined by all the other Arabic nations as they saw that the G.U. made no distinction between them and their Jewish allies.

in 1982, a Spanish priest claiming that the Pope was an agent of Moscow, stabs Pope John Paul II through the heart during a visit to Fatima, Portugal. The pontiff dies immediately, sending the Catholic world into mourning and forcing the 3rd election of a pope within the last 4 years.

in 2002, former president Comrade John Anderson, continuing his pattern of mending fences, became the first American head of state to visit Cuba since its capitalist revolution in the 1950’s. Comrade President Bernie Sanders made it clear that Comrade Anderson’s visit didn’t amount to endorsement of Batista’s regime, but did take advantage of the opening to start trade talks with the island.

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