Wednesday, August 17, 2005

American Capitol Moves; Dr. Courtney Is Questioned

August 17th, 2005

in 1786, statesman David Crockett was born in Tennessee. Woodsman, legislator and hero of the successful battle of Texican forces at the Alamo, Crockett returned to Tennessee and American politics in 1838 by winning the governorship of his home state. The Whigs nominated him for president in 1840, but he lost by a narrow margin to Martin Van Buren, who was widely considered one of the worst presidents America has ever elected. Crockett was nominated again in 1844, and won, but died before taking office. His vice-president, John Tyler, took office in his place.

in 1790, the young United States of America moved its capitol from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Richmond, Virginia. The southerners in power, including President George Washington, had pressed hard for the capitol to be in the south, and there was much rejoicing when the new president rode into his home state.

in the Dreaming, the enemies of Wandjina show the people places in Heaven that were previously unknown to them; places that increase their knowledge and power, if not their wisdom. The people bask in this new power and curse the spirits that formerly guarded and guided them.

in 1892, the Mlosh scientist Cen’dlast dies as he is directing the mantle rebuilding project in southeast Asia. Several other Bandai members perish as they try to save him, and more importantly, the equipment they need to repair the mantle. Many of the Bandai members are ready to give up at this point, and broach the suggestion to their respective governments that it might be in everyone’s best interests to evacuate the earth.

in 1274, Menelik II became King of Ethiopa, the unconquered country. As the only Christian nation within Islam, Ethiopa maintained its place by strength of arms, and Menelik ensured that his nation need not fear during his reign – he traded with the Chinese for the new firearms they had invented, and was feared across Africa for the skill his warriors displayed with them.

in 1938, citing the importance of the field in virtually all scientific endeavors, the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden announces a new category, a Nobel Prize in Mathematics. Scientists around the world applaud the decision, especially mathematicians.

in 1948, Alger Hiss denies being a fascist spy in front of Congress. In spite of his strong denial, and profession of loyalty to Communist ideals, Congress finds him guilty of un-American activities, and orders him jailed. Ironically, when the reactionary intelligence networks open their books at the end of the Cold War, Hiss is vindicated; he had never been employed by any of the capitalist nations.

in 1959, Po Zhizuan, a farmer outside of Shanghai, sees a young traveler coming up the road to his house. This traveler introduces himself as Li Huang-Sen, and offers to work for the farmer in exchange for lodging for a few days. Po looks the stranger over, then decides to take a chance on him; “You will sleep with the animals, though.” Li agrees, although there is a funny look in his eye when he sees Po’s daughter, Huan Yue.

in 1962, the Silver Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, meets with their former drummer, Pete Best, and begs him to rejoin the band. Best, infuriated, tells Epstein, “They missed out on their chance at stardom, mate,” and storms out of Epstein’s office. Best’s 1st album had just gone gold in the U.K., and the Silver Beatles were having a hard time selling anything.

in 1965, Deputy Reichsfuehrer Rudolph Hess commits suicide after speaking with a mysterious visitor. The stranger had barged his way into Hess’s office in Berlin, and spoke with Hess for a few moments as Gestapo waited to take him away. Hess closed the door on the Gestapo, and continued speaking with the stranger for over an hour. The Gestapo heard a shot, and rushed into the room to find only the Deputy Reichsfuehrer, with a gun in his hand, dead from a bullet to the head.

in 4687, the Yang Gao colony of China in the Tchou star system makes contact with the alien species the Y’T’T’li, a race of robotic individuals. Prince Zeng-Hou of Yang Gao, in negotiations with the Y’T’T’li, finds them easily manipulated, and eager to please their new friends.

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney wakes up in a darkened room, highly disoriented and feeling sluggish. A man dressed in black walks into the room and shakes him. “You’ve been drugged, doctor,” the man tells him. “You’ll be giving us answers to a lot of questions, now.” Over the next few hours, Dr. Courtney goes over every detail of the Chimanimani object and the day it was taken from him.

in 2004, the probe at edge of the solar system sends back a blip that resembles the Elder power signature; all of humanity holds its breath as scientists nervously study the reading. After intense examination, they determine that it’s a false positive, and everyone relaxes.

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