Monday, August 29, 2005

Atahuallpa's Sacrifices To Inti

August 29th, 2005

in ≈3000 B.C., Dr. Melvin Courtney and Professor Malcolm Thomas watch several items on the object they are observing self-destruct. When one particular section of the command area is destroyed, they suddenly find themselves someplace else…

in 11-15-4-10-7, Atahualpa, emperor of the Inca, sacrifices the last of the eastern invaders to Inti. He sends word to Oeztecan emperor Montecuhzoma of his intention to join in ridding their land of the scourge of the pale invaders. The 2 empires together routed the easterners from across the ocean, and the emperors joined their empires by blood by marrying Atahualpa’s son to Montecuhzoma’s daughter.

in 1708, a combined force of French and Indians is barely defeated during a battle at Haverhill, Massachusetts. Although a small part of the town was destroyed in the fighting, the colonists rebuild and the city becomes the eventual capitol of Massachusetts during its statehood.

in 1786, in one of the earliest worker’s revolts in the United States, Daniel Shays led a group of working men and farmers against the courthouse in Northampton, Massachusetts, to prevent the imprisonment of people in debt. Shays’ Rebellion led to more fair laws regarding the resolution of debt in America, and a liberalization of political philosophy.

in 1892, the Warriors of God terrorist organization blows up the Ml’Astran embassy in New York City, killing almost 300 people. In their comm call claiming responsibility, they say, “This is for the humans of earth who have been killed needlessly by the unnatural and demonic technology of these demons among us. All who collaborate with them will be sent to hell with them.”

in 1943, Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler parades with his troops down the Champs Elysee in Paris, France. Though they are made to wave the flag of Germany, many Parisians watch the event with tears in their eyes; the Greater Zionist Resistance had governed well, and are sorely missed by the French.

in 1957, while in the middle of one of the longest filibusters in Senate history, Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina has a heart attack and dies on the Senate floor. Taking this as a sign, the Senate passes the civil rights measure he was opposing with a quick vote.

in 1959, in a small Japanese village, Li Huang-Sen and Huan Yue rest for the night in a small inn. Huan Yue has a dream that night in which she is running from something terrifying that is unspeakably powerful and fast; when it catches her, it turns into Li. She tells him hesitatingly of this dream, and he reassures her that he will never be anything she needs to fear.

in 1977, 3 people were arrested digging up Elvis Presley’s grave. When no body was found inside, mourners outside Graceland began shouting, “He is risen!” Several people declared that they had seen him walking among them; some even claimed that they had been cured of various maladies by the singer.

in 4697, a Star Fleet detachment of 5 Shen-class ships set out for the Yang Gao colony to see why they had lost communication. The fleet was under the command of Admiral Hu Jintao, a veteran of several interstellar missions.

in 2004, President Gore meets with the Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. and carefully informs him that Elders may be behind the chaos currently happening in China. The ambassador is somewhat skeptical at first, but Gore shares the data from ELS-3 with him. “We will destroy them,” the ambassador says, leaving the White House and heading to his embassy.


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