Friday, August 12, 2005

King Philip Avoids Death; The Heresy Of Sylvie Gerard

August 12th, 2005

in 1676, the close escape of “King Philip”, Metacomet, from assassination at the hands of one of his tribesmen, leads the Wampanoag chief to call for aid from all of the native tribes of New England to crush the Europeans who have corrupted his people. The English of the Massachusetts colony are unable to hold off the thousands of natives who descend on them, and are either killed or forced to flee.

in the Dreaming, the arrogance of the people drives them to strike out at all those who refuse them aid in their war against the flies. Even the great spirits are not exempt from the wrath of the people, until the natives of Heaven are forced to cry out to Wandjina for assistance.

in 4563, the Chinese Empire orbited its first communications satellite, the Zhen 1. The benefits were so great that by the end of the year, they were orbiting a new satellite once a week.

in 1898, President Haywood and Spanish Prime Minister Sagasta signed a peace treaty ending the tensions between the U.S. and Spain. Haywood had escalated American forces in the Pacific and Caribbean when the reactionary Spaniards had attempted to push their imperialism into the American sphere of influence and interfere with the Community Of Trade that Haywood was establishing.

in 1908, Henry Ford produced his Tin Lizzie, or Model T automobile. Without some method of mass-producing these cars, Ford was unable to keep the price low enough to where most people could afford them, and his car, like most others, was soon just a toy for the idle rich.

in 1944, Joseph Kennedy, Jr. saved his co-pilot when their plane exploded over England, parachuting out and holding onto him as their one chute carried them to the ground. Kennedy broke his legs from the hard landing, but became a hero in the American press afterwards. He used this fame after the war to become a senator in Massachusetts, and then run for the presidency in 1960.

in 1945, Reichsfuehrer Hitler of the New Reich establishes the Mother Cross award, for German mothers who give birth to more than 5 healthy children. This is meant to repopulate Germany after the last quarter-century of warfare against the Greater Zionist Resistance, but he also uses it as an excuse to push Germany’s borders further out.

in 1960, future international superstar Pete Best started playing with the band Silver Beatles, and was their drummer for 2 tumultuous years in Liverpool and Germany. After leaving them, Best became so famous that former bandmate John Lennon said he was “bigger than Jesus, now, isn’t he?”

in 1996, while recovering from his wounds in hospital, Dr. Melvin Courtney is visited by the three strange men who had warned him not to publish his article on Chimanimani. “I trust you realize how right we were, doctor,” one of them says. Dr. Courtney is forced to agree. “I’m leaving the country,” he tells them, and they seem satisfied by this and leave him alone to recuperate. Thinking about this incident makes Dr. Courtney seethe, though, and he begins to formulate a different plan.

in 2000, in Shanghai, Li Huang-Sen shows his guests Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter to his mansion. “I’m in good with the local Communists,” he tells them as they marvel at the palatial home. “Oppression pays better than it used to, I guess,” von Heflin tells him.

in 2002, Pope Righteous I makes a public declaration that Sylvie Gerard is a heretic, and is not to be given comfort or shelter by any Christian within the Holy British Empire. Any Christian caught doing so will be excommunicated and then executed, very publicly.

in 2004, Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the U.N., announces that the entire world community will be placing its resources behind Dr. Emilio Carrera’s project to hide the earth from the Elders. It will take priority over all other projects. Although most wars have quieted down, there are some who are taking what they think will be final parting shots at their enemies. This chaos goes unchecked as most nations concentrate their efforts on Carrera’s jamming satellites.

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