Thursday, August 25, 2005

Council At Nicaea; Chaos In China

August 25th, 2005

in 1078 AUC, a council of the Christian cult at Nicaea in the eastern empire broke apart due to wrangling about which part of their triumvirate god was more equal than the other. The religion, which had been quite popular in some of the eastern cities the century before, was now in its death throes and soon faded from Roman history.

in 1849, Mlosh crooner P’Tako’K recorded his first vid, Sounds of Love from Above, a collection of love poems set to music by Brahe colonist Benjamin Starkweather. Starkweather and P’Tako’K had a number of successful collaborations afterwards, including the classic No One For Me in 1856.

in 1943, the Greater Zionist Resistance lost Paris to the German Underground. They let the city go rather than have it be destroyed in combat, earning them a great degree of gratitude from the French; in the dark days that followed, many French people hid Zionists from the Nazis.

in 1949, famous educational advocate Chaim Witz was born in Haifa, Israel. After emigrating with his parents to the U.S., Witz became an elementary school teacher in New York, where he soon took up the cause of poor children in this country. His outspoken criticism of segregation and the sorry state of schools in poor districts led to a national system of public education.

in 1950, President Truman’s daughter, Margaret, releases her jazz album, Swingin’ the White House, which she recorded with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. It is a surprise hit, critically as well as commercially, and Miss Truman follows it up with 10 solid albums before retiring in 1977.

in 1954, one of London’s most popular folk artists, Declan McManus, was born. Although rock and roll was all the rage during McManus’ youth, he turned to the more traditional sounds of Britain and Ireland when he began making his own music, and created a large following with songs that were as old as the hills of the Emerald Isle themselves.

in 1959, Li Huang-Sen and Huan Yue leave the land of her birth with saddened hearts at the curses her father had thrown at them. Huan Yue says, “I want nothing more now than to be far away from Shanghai, Huang-Sen.” He promises her that they will travel the world now, and never look back at Shanghai.

in 4691, monarchist Liu Wu was arrested at the home he had been hiding at in the eastern province of Lakota. Wu had been bombing voting precincts throughout the furthest regions of the Chinese Empire, and was imprisoned for life after he was caught.

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney thinks that he has translated the majority of the writings on the object at Edwards Air Force base. The writings are mainly routine markings such as bridge, helm, attitude control, and the like. The one that most interests him is the one that he believes says records or archives. He wonders if these controls are still functioning, and plans to try them the next day.

in 2004, China descends into the chaos of a civil war as mediators desperately attempt to bring order to the situation. Several astronomers who had been working on the cloaking program of Dr. Emilio Carrera’s design are spirited out of the country so that they can continue work, but the manufacture of the long-range ships of Lalandian design is halted.

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