Monday, August 08, 2005

Edison Invents The Mimeograph; Hank Williams, Jr. Dies

August 8th, 2005

in the Dreaming, the people strike out across the webs of the Heavens, slaying the flies wherever they encounter them. Their wrath is almost as terrible as that of the heavenly spirits themselves, and they strike fear in the hearts of Heaven’s natives. To many, they have become as great a menace as the flies they seek to kill.

in 1876, Thomas Edison patented the mimeograph, a device which brought printing to the masses. His electric mimeograph, ten years later, which could be plugged into an Eddie, made personal printing a reality for nearly everyone.

in 1879, Emiliano Zapata, people’s revolutionary, was born in Mexico. With the assistance of the U.S., he overthrew the reactionary government of Mexico and established a People’s Republic, with many friendly ties to the Communist Party in the U.S.A.

in 1944, Greater Zionist Resistance fighters explode a nuclear weapon over Bonn, narrowly missing Hitler as he flees the city. From this point on, no quarter is given in the struggle across Eurasia.

in 1945, President Truman reluctantly orders a bomb to be dropped on a Japanese city. Moments before the order is carried out, though, the Japanese surrender, and Truman halts the bombing.

in 1975, Hank Williams, Jr. died after plummeting off a mountain in Montana. Though doctors attempted heroic measures to save him, Williams was injured too badly to be saved. Fans around the world of both him and his father mourned.

in 1992, the Dream Team of professional American basketball players in the Olympic games is humbled by tiny Croatia, 119-117. Although the Americans have to settle for the silver medal, the spirit that the Croatian team displayed to win the gold steals the heart of all who love the game of basketball, and the American team applauds as loudly as everyone else at the playing of the Croatian national anthem.

in 1996, the German television show is very accepting of Dr. Courtney; so much so that Dr. Courtney feels that he could say anything and they’d believe him. He sticks to the truth, which is strange enough.

in 2000, Li Huang-Sen, an old associate of Mikhail von Heflin, senses that the Baron needs him. He is currently living in an Indonesian jungle, but finds his way to the nearest airport and sets off for Las Vegas. Meanwhile, von Heflin and his bride, Velma Porter, are desperately holding the presence in Las Vegas in place.

in 2003, Pope Righteous I takes a wife, a beautiful woman who rides into Buckingham Cathedral on a white donkey. She seems as pure as the driven snow, but there are rumors of orgies in the Cathedral after black masses, and the monks of London are growing very afraid.

in 2004, President Gore encourages the scientists working on jamming the earth’s radio signals to explore different outlets of protecting earth. He agrees with the ones who feel that there is no use trying to hide themselves now, since their planet has been producing signals for a century. One lone holdout, Dr. Emilio Carrera, continues to work on the signal jamming; he has an idea that he thinks will work.

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Ok... Hank Williams Jr. Isn't dead he did fall off a mountain in 1975 but he did not die !!!! You probablly should change that on your page!!!

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