Friday, August 19, 2005

King James Embraces Judaism

August 19th, 2005

in 477, Saracens armed with the one true faith defeated Christian infidels in the Battle of Ascalon. Combined with the defeat of the Crusaders at Jerusalem, this served to push Christians out of the Holy Land altogether.

in 1263, King James of Aragon embraces Judaism, and announces his conversion to the ancient faith. The shock of this announcement sends ripples throughout Europe; James is excommunicated immediately, but Jews flocking to Aragon swell his land into one of the mightiest on the continent.

in the Dreaming, all the great powers of Heaven descend upon the people, both on the land and in Heaven. Unprepared for this assault, they are unable to fight off the powers, even with the aid of the enemies of Wandjina. The powers force them back to the land and cut off all of the webs connecting the people to Heaven.

in 1892, the Curies lead a last-ditch effort to repair the earth’s mantle, with the last ships working on the North American continent. During this heroic effort, both of the Curies are killed as their ship is swallowed by magma in a sudden violent explosion. The rest of the team manages to finish, though, and the remaining population of the earth waits to see if their work was successful.

in 1913, author H.G. Wells releases the followup to his game Little Wars, Little Warriors. In this game, the players are able to take on the role of the individual warriors in a battle, while a War Master plays the part of enemy combatants. It is even more successful than Little Wars, and spawns a new genre of games called role-playing games.

in 1921, television producer Bob Wesley was born Eugene Roddenberry in El Paso, Texas. After serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II, Wesley came back to civilian life with a vision of a Wagon Train to the stars, which he turned into his hit series, Star Trek (1964-1973). He is credited with starting the sci-fi craze of 70’s television, as well as bringing real issues and morals to the genre. He died in 1991, and is sorely missed.

in 1959, government soldiers come to Po Zhizuan’s farm, and he hides Li Huang-Sen from them. While Li is hiding, they accost Po’s daughter, Huan Yue, and Li is forced to come to her rescue. He kills the soldiers in his rage; this display of naked power frightens the Po family, but Huan Yue is now even more in love with him.

in 1967, another song by international superstar Pete Best hits #1. She’s not the only girl in town, a mournful tune of lost love, stays on top of the charts until it is knocked down 3 weeks later by another Best song, I can’t do without you, now.

in 1977, art impresario Julius Marx dies in New York City. The brother of famed harpist Adolph Marx, he had managed his brother for many years before opening his first gallery. His keen eye for new artists such as Andrew Warhol placed his galleries at the top of New York’s art scene.

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney is informed by the professional organizations that he belongs to that they no longer consider him a member; he is also contacted by a solicitor from the BBC, telling him that the network is considering charges against him for the hoax. Professor Malcolm Thomas visits him at his home to let him know that his reputation is being trashed throughout the British academia. “I’m sorry, Melvin,” Thomas says. “I don’t know what to do.” Courtney replies, “I do.”

in 2004, the first ship based on Lalandian designs capable of carrying passengers comes off the assembly line at Boeing’s new plant in Washington. A small international crew takes it for a test run; it is capable of a full quarter of the speed of light. For their test, they fly to Mars and back in a day. Virtually every astronomer and astronaut in the world applies for positions on the next ship.

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