Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wandjina's Warning; A Blind Man Sees Again

August 13th, 2005

in 12-0-7-0-1, Oueztecan warriors conquered el-Mathrid. This convinced the native Basque to surrender to the conquerors from across the sea, and established a permanent presence for the Oueztec in the east.

in 1818, Suffragette President Lucy Stone was born in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. Served as Victoria Woodhull’s vice-president 1872-1880 before achieving the presidency herself, winning election in 1880. Not as charismatic as Ms. Woodhull, Stone only served one term.

in the Dreaming, Wandjina stands against the people and warns them that they have become reckless in their great war in Heaven. “If you continue to harm those who have done you none, then I must cast you from Heaven,” the great spirit warns the people. Drunk with their own power, they ignore this warning.

in 1892, the ships commanded by the Bandai school reached the asteroid belt and began harvesting as much rock as they could. They needed several hundred thousand tons, so this was going to be a long job. Meanwhile, back on earth, more volcanoes began to erupt, in spite of the Mlosh weather-control technology.

in 1899, grocery magnate Alfred Hitchcock was born in London, England. Although he had planned on going into film after college, his father’s unexpected death in 1920 forced him into the family business. Before long, Hitchcock’s was a chain of grocery stores across the country, and there are branches throughout the world today.

in 1926, baseball great Fidel Castro was born in Oriente, in eastern Cuba. He left the island nation at the tender age of 17 to join a minor-league team in Miami as a pitcher. After languishing for 4 years in the minor leagues, he was called up to the majors the same year that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, playing for the Cincinnati Reds until 1958, retiring after his 3rd World Series win.

in 1944, Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler proclaims himself Fuehrer over all of Europe. Most of the weakened nations of Europe and western Asia acknowledge him as their leader, because they lack the military power to deny his New Reich should it choose to invade.

in 1952, Willie May, (Big Mama), Thornton, recorded You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. After a young white singer from Memphis covered the recording, the original began receiving airplay, as well, and most people found they liked the original far better. Big Mama went on to a huge career as America’s #1 blues singer.

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney leaves the hospital and calls up Professor Malcolm Thomas. “Since you have some alternative resources I don’t have,” he tells the younger archeologist, “I want you to put me in contact with someone.” Professor Thomas, after hearing Courtney’s plan, agrees.

in 2000, an elderly man comes to the gate of Li Huang-Sen’s home in Shanghai. The man says that he has come to collect a debt that Li owes him, and Li excuses himself from his two guests, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter, to see what the man wants. After speaking with him for almost half an hour at the gate, Li returns to his guests to inform them that he will be gone the next day.

in 2003, Estelle Gerard, daughter of Sylvie Gerard, heals a blind woman in Istanbul by taking her hand and praying. Templars of the Holy British Empire, hearing of this, head to the Middle East to dispatch the young girl that they believe to be the antichrist.

in 2004, another signal from the ship that survived the destruction of Lalande 25372 makes it to earth. The Lalandians are being overtaken by an Elder, and they fear that they will soon be boarded. Personal information on all of the crew and passengers is transmitted, with the request that whoever receives their signal remember them.

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