Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Ultimate Weapon

August 6th, 2005

in the Dreaming, in a last attack on the people, the flies from the Heavens set a great village of the Pindanjaru alight with the fire of the stars. All of the great spirits of the Heavens rally around the people at that point; the flies have made their greatest mistake.

in 1875, Human League terrorists explode a nuclear weapon in the majority-Mlosh city of Qu’Mar, killing 150,000 people. It is the last desperate move of a doomed organization; virtually all sources of funding for the Human League dry up after this hideously barbaric act.

in 4572, Nipponese rebels in Hiroshima defy the Emperor and begin hanging all ethnic Chinese in the city. Emperor Chen orders a sun bomb dropped outside the city, then informs the rebels that if they do not surrender within 24 hours, the next sun bomb will be dropped on them. The rebels give in.

in 1934, Greater Zionist Resistance spies set off a nuclear blast in Berlin. When the world sees the mushroom cloud rising, something seems to turn off in the human spirit; death becomes blasé after the utter destruction of the atomic bomb.

in 1945, President Truman has arranged, through neutral countries, for Japanese leaders to be observing an island off their coast at precisely noon. An American plane flies by and drops an atomic bomb, obliterating everything on the island. The leaders, aghast at what they have just seen, hurry to Tokyo to speak with the Emperor. He orders a surrender; no one could stand against such a weapon.

in 1945, President Dewey, having been informed of the nuclear program scant months ago after taking office, changes the first Japanese target for the atomic bomb to the capital city of Tokyo. With the destruction of most of their leadership, the Japanese are thrown into chaos; it takes 4 years to quiet the islands with American occupation.

in 2000, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter attack the presence controlling Las Vegas. The city itself seems to explode during the struggle; the presence shatters buildings when they gain the upper hand. In order to save the population of Las Vegas, the newlyweds are forced to withdraw.

in 2003, Pope Righteous I destroys the city of Jesu, France, with a nuclear weapon. “The enemies of God shall be consumed in the eternal fire,” he said as Jesu was destroyed. The city had been a hotbed of Protestant rebellion against him.

in 2004, Lalande 25372 goes nova. Everyone on earth watches in horror as the star becomes the brightest object in the sky, next to the sun. Discussions are begun among scientists and government leaders on how to mask the radio transmissions earth sends out every day, in a desperate effort to hide the human race from the galactic civilization of the Elders.

An alternate birthday wish

Your humble alternate historian is about to leave the pleasant decade of the 30's behind and enter into the downhill slope of the 40's on August 14th. Before he does, he would like one simple wish - a contract with a publishing company like Workman Publishing to produce a page-a-day calendar of TIAH. If you are an editor for such a company, or can place us in touch with one, please fulfill this birthday wish!

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