Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Light Of Allah; A Long-Lost Presence

August 2nd, 2005

in 1074, Mahmud I, emperor of the Ottoman Empire, conqueror of Austria and Russia, light of Allah, was born in Istanbul.

in the Dreaming, Anansi answers the prayers of the people, and comes in from the west to attack the flies that have flown down from the Heavens. During the great battle, he falls, but he captures most of the flies in his great web and destroys them as he dies. The people are able to drive off the rest of the flies from the land, but mourn the loss of their great benefactor and friend.

in 1801, representatives of the British, French and Spanish colonies, the Iroquois, and the Mlosh meet to adopt the Articles of Confederation. While the European powers have little choice but to watch, their North American colonies are joined with the native and alien peoples in a strong, new nation.

in 1869, Mary Ann Evans, a woman living in sin with journalist George Lewes, began working on a novel she called Middlemarch. Lewes had published her work as his own for some 11 years, but this one she intended to publish under her own name. When it came out in 1871, the scandal of the author’s life provided a few quick sales, but it then sank into obscurity.

in 1922, actor Carroll O’Connor was born. One of those good actors who seemed to turn up in bad productions, O’Connor was cast in a British import show, Till Death Do Us Part in the 1970’s, with hopes that he could carry it. Unfortunately, not even O’Connor’s prodigious talent could save the show, and it was cancelled mid-season.

in 1923, President Warren G. Harding dies in a hotel room, in the arms of a young woman who was not his wife. Before the scene can be cleaned up, the press arrive, and the story is spread across the country. Harding’s Vice-President, Calvin Coolidge, resigns in disgrace, unwilling to take office in such a manner. This makes the Republican Speaker of the House, Frederick Gillett of Massachusetts, the President of the United States.

in 1934, Adolf Schickelgruber, leader of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party in Berlin, commits suicide as his rival, Communist Ernst Thalmann, takes control of Germany on the death of President von Hindenburg. Schickelgruber’s delusions of being able to turn the tiny party of rabble-rousers into a national power died with him.

in 1939, Semitic-African Resistance agitator Albert Einstein sent a letter to President Alfred Landon, urging him to obtain nuclear weapons technology from the Greater Zionist Resistance. Einstein warns Landon that the German Underground will not be content to stay within the borders of Germany, and that America should consider them nothing less than a mortal enemy.

in 1961, the Silver Beatles, headed by drummer Pete Best, begin regular engagements in Liverpool’s Cavern Club. After Best leaves the band the next year, they keep playing with replacement drummer Ringo Starr, but without Best, the band has no real charisma.

in 2000, just past midnight, the barrier around the warehouse that Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter are attempting to enter drops. The chanting from the strange bald men inside has been replaced by tortured screams. They rush in to see bodies everywhere. They feel the presence of another; for the Baron, it is a presence he has not felt in a long time. Grabbing his wife, he flees the scene and tells her they have to find sacred ground quickly.

in 2004, the Lalandian signal starts breaking up. They warn the earth that the Elders have begun jamming the transmission, but they have some sort of secret weapon which is holding the Elders off. They attempt to send the plans for this weapon, but the signal is badly degraded, and only portions of it reach earth. Scientists around the world begin working on the project.


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