Friday, August 26, 2005

English Defeat At Crecy

August 26th, 2005

in 698 AUC, Julius Caesar attempted to add Britannia to his list of conquests. Fresh from his conquest of Gaul, he felt the island-bound Britannians would be easier, but he’s met with unexpectedly tough resistance from a Welsh chieftain named Artorius. Caesar was driven off the island in 704 AUC, and Britannia remained free until the 10th century AUC.

in 1346, King Edward III of England led a force of 10,000 longbowmen against a larger force of the French at Crecy. Although they caused intense devastation in the French ranks, a tactical error let the French knights flank the English and the bowmen were forced to withdraw. Although it was a victory for the French, it was costly; a third of their force lay dead on the field.

in 1883, Krakatoa, a volcano near the island of Java, was prevented from erupting by Mlosh weather-control technology, but a brief earthquake still hit the island, causing over a hundred deaths. For some reason, this concerned the vulcanologists who had stopped the eruption.

in 1920, the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing men the right to vote, is formally adopted into the Constitution by Secretary of State Carrie Chapman Catt. The record of the 36th state legislature to ratify the amendment had arrived from Tennessee that day, and President Edith Wilson had Secretary Catt perform her duties as quietly as possible, with no reporters present.

in 1933, the last patent issued to Thomas Edison is made for the Radiometric Compass, a device that allows the user to position himself on a globe using radio waves bounced off the horizon. Edison had died 2 years before the patent was issued.

in 1968, radical activists rioting around the Democratic National Convention in Chicago are quieted briefly when President Lyndon Johnson pays a surprise visit to them. Johnson meets with Yippie organizer Abbie Hoffman and Black Panther leader Bobby Seale for almost 7 hours while nervous Secret Service agents and peace activists eye each other on the street. At the end of the historic meeting, Johnson announces that the Vietnam War will be ended before he leaves office.

in 1971, fascist defector Charles Lindbergh dies at his home in Nice, France. When the Fascist Control Act was enacted, Lindbergh fled the Soviet States of America for the country that had loved him since he had been the first man to make a solo flight across the Atlantic.

in 4687, Prince Zeng-Hou of the Yang Gao colony starts using the alien Y’T’T’li as servants in his household. When they seem to pose no threat, other elected officials also begin using the Y’T’T’li in this manner. The Y’T’T’li seem to have no problem fulfilling this function, often claiming that they are born to serve.

in 1996, after much trial and error, Dr. Melvin Courtney and Professor Malcolm Thomas get the controls they have translated as archives to function on the object hidden in Edwards Air Force base. Suddenly, the two of them begin receiving images in their minds of things that happened long ago…

in 2000, Li Huang-Sen, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter smuggle young Po Xiu Juan into Canada. Li finishes the tale of his debt to Po cryptically; “Huan Yue isn’t with me anymore, obviously.” Pressed to tell them what happened to her, he doesn’t say. They head down to Vancouver, where Li knows some people in the Chinese community who will take in young Xiu Juan.

in 2004, the three Lalandian-style ships that have been manufactured rendezvous around Neptune and discuss what has been happening on earth. On the ship staffed with scientists, there has been some speculation that the Elders might have the ability to communicate with earth before they arrive. Dr. G. Madhavan Nair, an Indian scientist, says, “I think they may be influencing what’s happening in China.”


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