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Aristotle Dies In Athens; US Occupies The Rio Grande

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March 7th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Kiria, who now calls herself the Priestess of Lucifer, gets in a fight with an Edenian who is mostly human, Bathazar. Bathazar told her that she was wrong to worship Lucifer instead of the Creator, and anger flared in Kiria at his words. Since she was a quarter-angel, she was much stronger than he was, and she broke his body, crippling him. Lucifer, appalled at her actions, banishes her from Eden and forbids all contact with her.

in Hellenic Year 3438, the great teacher Aristotle was put to death by Athenians rebelling against the rule of Macedon. Aristotle, a teacher of Alexanderos of Macedon, refused to flee his home after Alexanderos’ death caused instability in the empire, and was captured by a murderous mob outside his home.

in 1794, Robert Deautrive and Y’Li’Koma produce the first popular vid, short for video play, which merged the human dramatic form with Mlosh technology to produce an entirely new art form. Their vid, Sept Jour d’Hiver (7 Days of Winter), about a woman’s goodbye to her dying father, is still regarded as one of the greatest pieces of theater ever produced in France.

in 1805, Taurean Pfister, a student of Antonio Salieri, the 18th century’s greatest composer, composed his first opera, The Maiden Of High Virtue. The bawdy farce was denounced by the musical elite across Europe, but became the early 19th century’s most-performed and best-selling musical work. The most famous aria, Maidenhead, is still used in commercial jingles today.

in 1941, Greater Zionist Resistance freedom fighters make a last-ditch effort to save Greece from falling under the heel of the German Underground. Almost 60,000 battle-hardened G.Z.R. Fighters, many with personal ties to Greece, landed on the peninsula and moved north and west to push the G.U. back to Germany.

in 1950, the Soviet States of America denied that British physicist Klaus Fuchs had passed nuclear secrets on to them. Fuchs had been involved in the Isle of Skye project in the early 40’s in Britain, and was suspected of being a spy because his father was living in communist East Germany, an ally of the S.S.A.

in 1987, U.S. troops occupy the Mexican side of the Rio Grand Valley and Baja California. President Ralph Shephard convinced Mexico not to counter-attack; according to him, the troops were merely “reinforcing American positions on the continent in the event of Communist attack”. Privately, though, he said that “America is only marching into its backyard.”

in 2004, two vessels splash into the Pacific, 50 miles from the Australian coast, near Darwin. One is the Huygens, which the International Space Administration already knew was damaged. The other was the quarantine ship sent up to examine the Huygens, which had been in perfect shape when it lifted off from the I.S.A. command center in Tanegashima, Japan. The I.S.A. requests that the Australian government send someone to examine the wreckage, and they turn to their nearest experts, Jacob and Livinia Sheridan, in Darwin.

in 2005, Dave and Jeanne Lange, with their fellow Save Earther, manage to cross the desert they have found themselves stranded in and find a small town that is apparently free of Claws, where they are able to get some food and water. Talking with the local diner owner, they discover that they are in South Africa. They despair of ever getting back home.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Mlosh, Communist America, the GZR, the Ralph Shephard timeline, The Sheridans and The Claw.

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