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The Niagara Dam; Oppenheimers Convicted

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March 29th, 2006

in 1058, Frederik van Lotharingen, a bishop of the Roman branch of the British Catholic Church, died in Belgium. During the first century of the Holy British Empire, many leaders of the old Roman church had been active in seeking to take back leadership from London, but with van Lotharingen’s death, the Roman church’s position was settled for a few centuries.

in 12-0-19-14-12, the Oueztecan Empire annexed the Delaware of the northeastern coast. A small and peaceful people, the Delaware brought in wonderful fishing from the northeast, and inspired the Empire to seek annexation or conquest of other nations in that region.

in 1848, Niagara Falls stops flowing temporarily as Mlosh contractor Kent’O’Lihay builds the famous Niagara Dam in order to capture hydroelectric power from the rushing river. The falls and the artistic dam are one of the many wonders tourists flock to see in the North American Confederation.

in 1879, the vastly outnumbered troops under the command of Henry Evelyn Wood are slaughtered by Zulu King Cetshwayo’s warriors at Kambula. Heartened by the win and with British guns from the victory, Cetshwayo managed to carve Zululand out of the British Empire, beginning Britain’s long expulsion from Africa by native nations.

in 1939, Hollywood stars Bill Gabe and Jane Peters married during the filming of Gabe’s blockbuster Gone With The Wind. Their happy marriage ended 3 years later when Peters’ plane crashed during a War Bond drive. Out of grief for her, Gabe joined the Army Air Corps and was shot down over Europe in 1944.

in 1951, in the middle of the White Scare, scientists Rita and Frank Oppenheimer are convicted of funneling nucear secrets to the European monarchies, and sentenced to death for treason. In spite of numerous pleas from scientists around the country, the Soviet States of America felt that an example had to be made of the Oppenheimers; tragically, after the end of the Cold War, it was revealed that the Oppenheimers had never been spies for Europe.

in 1997, British General Peter de la Billiere captured New York City. With the collapse of the Mexican front, and Asian forces advancing from the west coast, the Constitutionalist government of President Ralph Shephard looked doomed to defeat, and he began toying with the idea of launching a nuclear strike against his enemies.

in 2004, experiments on the methane crabs of Titan show the Sheridans that the tiny organisms that caused hallucinations on earth are parasites living on the crabs. In their natural environment, they are fairly harmless, but when heated to earth’s temperatures, they become agitated and start projecting images of crabs around them.

in 2005, the Save Earth movement is attacked by agents of the federal government who are acting under the direct orders of the Claws, to stop humanity from realizing that something is in their midst, controlling them. Dave Lange is arrested, but his wife Jeanne escapes with U.S. Representative Carl Worthington, who is about to go public as a Save Earther.

Timelines in today's post: the Holy British Empire, the Oueztecan timeline, the Mlosh, The Sheridans, Communist America and the Ralph Shephard timeline

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