Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Last Day Of Spring; Hancock's Bridge Massacre

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March 21st, 2006

in 82,321,558 BCE, a huge comet strike on Pangaea shifts the earth’s orbit out of its regular seasonal pattern, eliminating the spring and fall seasons, leaving only harsh winters and blazing summers. The first day of spring becomes the last, as well.

in 1678, poet Andrew Marvell, a Conspirator of the Speaker’s Line, dies in his home in London. He had started out as a Conqueror, helping Oliver Cromwell overthrow the monarchy in England, but switched sides after Cromwell’s death made him see that the Speaker’s Children needed secrecy to achieve their goals. His pamphlets helped both sides communicate quickly during his lifetime.

in 1778, in one of the last gasps of the American rebellion, rebels surprise a contingent of Hessians and American Tories at Hancock's Bridge, near Salem, New Jersey. The massacre of these American loyalists to the crown turns public sentiment in New Jersey against the rebels, hastening the end for the American independence movement.

in 1804, Italy adopted the Buonapartic Code of Law. Although progressive in some respects, such as granting equal protection of the law to all men and giving them the right of religious dissent, it was hideously misogynistic in denying rights to women completely, and legalizing slavery. In spite of the fall of Buonaparte’s empire, the code is still the basis of Italian law.

in 1843, William Miller, a preacher in Massachusetts, told his congregation that Jesus Christ would return on this date. Hundreds of loyal believers gathered at his church and mysteriously disappeared in a clap of thunder.

in 1918, Greater Zionist Resistance forces push both Allied and Central soldiers from the Somme and create a base for the expansion of their power in western Europe. Eastern and central Europe are already falling to the G.Z.R. and western Europe is on the ropes. The surprising success of the G.Z.R. forces the neo-Nazis who created it to rethink their plans.

in 1980, President Jimmy Carter, after meeting with America’s Olympic athletes, decides to abandon his decision to boycott the Moscow Olympics in order to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Heartened by the decision, America takes a record number of gold medals at the Olympics, including a defeat of the Soviet team in the basketball final.

in 2004, the small Titanian organisms that are making the people of Australia see methane crabs on their beaches prove very hard to kill. Doctors Jacob and Livinia Sheridan work on modifying the nanovirus they used against the Martians to fight the Titanians.

in 2005, the Save Earthers move Dr. R.D. Reilly back to their safe house in the hill country of Texas. With the failure of their plan to use medical scanning technology on him, they are back to their first weapon – torture. Dave Lange starts practicing with a cleaver while Jeanne Lange tries being the “good cop,” telling Reilly that they won't cut off his hands if he cooperates. “Do your worst,” Reilly tells her. “You'll never break me, human.”

Timelines in today's post: the Speaker, Italian Napoleon, Canadian Independence, the GZR, The Sheridans and The Claw.

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