Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Powhattan Massacre; Loyalty Oaths For The Feds

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March 22nd, 2006

in 12-0-3-10-1, the Powhattan of the northeastern coastal possessions of the Ouezteca massacre a settlement of the Oueztec that has been stealing water and food from them for several months. The overwhelming response from Ouezteca destroys the Powhattan.

in 1887, world-famous pianist Leonard Marx was born in New York City. Young Leonard started in vaudeville in his youth, but left it for the legitimate concert stage after discovering his natural talent for the piano in his twenties. He never took a lesson, but was considered the greatest musician of his age.

in 1908, noted classical scholar Louis L’Amour was born in Jamestown, North Dakota. After struggling in school during his teen years, a teacher introduced L’Amour to the plays of Aeschylus and a lifelong love of Greek and Roman work was born. His popular book, The Origins Of The West, is still used a text in Classics courses taught across the country.

in 1942, Sir Stanford Cripps of the British government-in-exile meets with Indian terrorist Mohandas Gandhi to recruit his help against the German Underground. Although Gandhi despises the G.U., he is unwilling to assist the British, and the meeting ends without producing a treaty.

in 1945, talks between Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen break down in negotiations to form a league of Arab nations. Lebanon proves the standout member as its Christian ambassador provoked hostility among the Muslim representatives of the other nations.

in 1947, at the height of the White Scare, Comrade President William Foster issues an executive order forcing all federal employees to take a loyalty oath to the Soviet States of America and to the socialist way in general. Although it is a gross violation of federal employees’ civil rights, the nation is in such a panic about capitalist infiltration that few protests are heard.

in 1993, American forces smash through Iceland. Constitutionalist President Ralph Shephard warns that Europe will be next in his speech congratulating the soldiers; “Today, Iceland, tomorrow, the world.”

in 2004, the Sheridans manage to modify their Martian nanovirus enough to kill the few captive Titanian organisms they have in their lab. Jacob Sheridan informs the Australian army that they have a means to kill the Titanian organisms currently impersonating methane crabs on Australia’s shores.

in 2005, as Dave Lange draws back to hack off Dr. R.D. Reilly's right hand, the philosopher tells him, “Wait.” He is willing to make a deal with the Save Earthers, if they will let him keep his hands and let him go. He will give them evidence of the Claws entanglement with the government. The Langes and other SE members in the house discuss whether it would be worth making a deal with Reilly.

Timelines in today's post: the Oueztecan timeline, Communist America, the GZR, the Ralph Shephard timeline, The Sheridans and The Claw.

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Anonymous said...

Leonid Kinskey played in Duck Soup and also played in Casablanca with John Qualen, who once appeared on My Favorite Martian with Ray Walston, who was in episodes of both ST TNG and ST Voyager.


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