Thursday, March 30, 2006

Texas Fights Off Reunification

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March 30th, 2006

in 1814, allied European forces march into Rome, ending the reign of Napoleon Buonaparte, the Italian emperor who had conquered most of the continent. Although he managed to escape his exile the next year, he was never able to assume power in Rome as he did before.

in 1867, Conspirators of the Speaker’s Line working both sides of the deal transferred Alaska from Russia to the United States. They had discovered a rare element in the frozen territory that they planned to use to power a new vessel they were creating, which would make powered flight a reality.

in 1870, rebels in Texas fight off efforts to rejoin the United States. Even with all of their Confederate allies back in the Union, the newly reformed Texas Republic remained independent and refused the amnesty offered by President Grant if they would just surrender and merge back with America. Texas eventually ran out of the ability to resist, and was conquered and absorbed back into the U.S. in 1886.

in 1952, the Baron von Todt and his lover are aboard a vessel in the middle of the Mediterranean when pirates attack the ship and seize it. Mikhail von Heflin was never one to shy away from a fight, and, with Velma Porter’s help, he kills all of the pirates in a long, bloody night.

in 1972, South Chilean forces launched a major offensive against the American-sponsored northern army at La Serena. The reactionaries had been dealing the Soviet States of America many blows, but had never won an outright engagement. La Serena, in spite of some initial success, was no exception, as American and North Chilean comrades halted their advance.

in 1981, a mere two months after taking office, President Edward Kennedy was shot by an assailant in Washington, D.C. The assassin, John Hinckley, Jr., was attempting to impress the actress Jodie Foster with the feat. The Kennedy Curse, which had claimed the lives of all 4 of Joseph Kennedy’s sons, was invoked again as another member of the storied clan died a violent death.

in 1992, South African dictator Terreblanche places a puppet government in Botswana and begins transfering that country’s wealth to his own. Although as ideologically rigid as his American ally President Ralph Shephard, Terreblanche is far more concerned with enriching himself than with driving out leftist influence on the African continent.

in 2000, the marathon, 3-day-straight Bus Ride of Doom campaign comes to a close, much to the disappointment of the gamers from beyond playing it. Dead gamemaster Bill Burke decides to adopt a more traditional approach to the game because the marathon he has been putting his fellow spirits through is mentally exhausting. From this point on, the group plays once a week, for 24 hours straight. The next campaign is his infamous Epilogue world.

in 2004, fascinated by the Titanian parasites they have dubbed the Projection Virii, Jacob and Livinia Sheridan assemble a super-cooled chamber to carry a load of P.V. and methane crabs back to earth. They wisely elect to keep this chamber outside of their ship – just in case.

in 2006, historians at the Alternate History Academy despaired at the small number of submissions for their April Fools' Day Contest, and considered an extravagant gesture to encourage people to submit. The rather flamboyant gesture of adding an entry in specifically about the contest is voted down.

Timelines in today's post: Italian Napoleon, the Speaker, von Heflin, the Mlosh, The Sheridans, Communist America and the Ralph Shephard timeline

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Its not lack of interest, its lack of inspiration that's stopping me from suggesting April Fool's entries :)

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