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The Gift Of Death; Strangers In The Night...

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March 12th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Kiria, who is promoting the worship of Lucifer as a god among the angels and para-angels of Eden, gathers a group together and tells them of a wondrous new gift that she has learned of, called death. “This gift, my brethren, lets us all lay down all cares of this world and join our lord Lucifer upon his throne,” she tells her followers.

in 1587, Cardinal Peter Wentworth is sentenced to the Tower by Pope Elizabeth I. Rumor had it that he had rebuffed the Pope’s advances; the public reason given was that he had convinced the College of Cardinals to spurn the Pope’s policies. She thundered that “It is the Pope who rules the Holy British Empire, and not the Cardinals who flit about our feet.”

in 1648, Spanish playwright Tirso de Molina (Gabriel Tellez) dies in his monastery in Soria, Spain. The author created the immortal character of Don Juan, a womanizer who finds new life in the Lord and gives up his sinning ways.

in 1883, Ml’Astran sportsman Murrumgunarriman dies at his home in Wollongong. Murrumgunarriman excelled in three sports – cricket, boomerang and ml’kekl’k – and was Ml’Astra’s most famous citizen during his lifetime. His appearance at a cricket match in London in 1860 drew almost a million tourists to the city from across the world.

in 4621, Chinese Prime Minister Sun Yat-Sen dies at his Emperor’s feet in the Forbidden City, in Beijing. Prime Minister Sun had given life to Emperor Chengzu’s vision of the Empire’s spread across space; after his death, and the Emperor’s two years later, space exploration went into a temporary slump.

in 1989, President Ralph Shephard announced the union of Mexico with the United States. Although the puppet government of Mexico is publicly jubilant about annexation, the majority of the nation is resentful of the U.S. domination of the continent, and a small resistance movement begins working against the U.S.

in 1997, country singer Cheryl Ann Vernon and screenwriter Robert A. Taylor (Warning: music!) met at a wrap party for the film The Deal, which Taylor had written and Vernon had provided the soundtrack for, including the award-winning cover of Strangers in the night. The pair became inseparable and entertainment rags were soon tagging the pair, accurately, as headed for matrimony.

in 2004, several Martian-style flying saucers from Australia arrive to pick up Jacob and Livinia Sheridan and the crew of the Athena. While most of them head back home, the Sheridans return to the Athena to see if they can halt the Titanian crabs from spreading.

in 2005, back in America, U.S. Representative Carl Worthington shows something new that the Claws have started – they have what Worthington calls a “philosophical mouthpiece,” Dr. R. D. Reilly, making the talk show circuit espousing the view that servitude towards those in authority is the most noble way of life. Reilly has developed quite a following, and there is even talk of running him for office in his home state of Idaho.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Holy British Empire, the Mlosh, the Chinese Empire, Communist America, the GZR, the Ralph Shephard timeline, The Claw and The Sheridans

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

I'm going to assume that you're talking about the 1998 one, and say that:
Penelope Cruz was in Gothika with Halle Berry.
Halle Berry was in X-Men with Patrick Stewart, who was in Star Trek: TNG.

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