Friday, March 10, 2006

I Am Of Small Account; Hoover Leaves The FBI

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March 10th, 2006

in 1123 Post-Creation, Lucifer, unable to stop his worship by the inhabitants of Eden, prays again to the Creator to return. “I am of small account, Lord, and Thou art mighty. I pray that You let me know Your will, and work it through me.” He refuses to sit again on the Throne of the Most High.

in 790 AUC, Emperor Tiberius dies in Rome. The elderly emperor had continued to work up until his death, doing such things as authorizing a new aqueduct in Germany and countermanding the death sentence his Judean Governor had imposed on a rebel in that territory.

in 1704, Conquerors of the Speaker’s Line burn down the library in Kenya that held most of the research being done on fulfilling the Speaker’s Dream. Centuries of knowledge were lost in moments. When news of this reached the rest of the Speaker’s Children, the Conquerors quickly disavowed those who had done it, and asked for forgiveness. Their support among the Line faded for some time after this.

in 1849, lawyer Abe Lincoln received a patent for a device he had created for lifting boats over shoals. After this device sold successful, Lincoln left his law practice in Illinois and founded his company Lincoln & Son in 1852. He became a successful man, making and selling many devices to aid in the shipping trade.

in 1948, the Foreign Secretary of Venezuela, Hugo Martinez, dies in an apparent suicide. Senor Martinez had been a capitalist inside the American-supported Communist government, and had opposed the close relationship the government had with the Soviet States of America. Many of the European monarchies remarked at how strange it was that a man with no signs of depression or mental stress should choose to commit suicide.

in 1951, J. Edgar Hoover, who had led the F.B.I. since its inception, left the agency to become the Commissioner of Town Ball. It was a reluctant move for Hoover, but President Truman had not been very supportive of his office, and he felt that he would enjoy the work as Town Ball Commissioner more.

in 12-17-15-10-8, Meqtulae, a peasant of the Cherokee, confessed to assassinating Richeco, passionate peasant’s advocate in the Oueztecan Empire. Richeco had spoken out for years for the need to allow peasants rights on the order of lesser nobles, and traditionalists within the court hired Meqtulae to end his agitation.

in 2004, the crew of the ship carrying the Huygens, just crash-landed on its return from Titan, begin seeing strange things moving around the ship. Scientist Jacob Sheridan, brought in to investigate the Huygens, sees a huge crab-like creature while examining the hold; the creature disappears into the water before Sheridan can alert anyone.

in 2005, after studying the spell in Morris Perkins' book, the Council of Wisdom sends Alma May Watson the Ingredients to create a counter-spell for Lights of the night sky enhanced. Chelsea Perkins, who has had the worst case of far-sightedness in history, is eager to take the cure. Miss Perkins is admonished by the Council to restrict her lessons to the curriculum that Miss Watson has been trying to teach her.

in 2005, U.S. Representative Carl Worthington, ostensibly on a “fact-finding” mission to South Africa, locates Jeanne and Dave Lange, and their companion, Trent Carter. They surreptitiously join his staff and are taken with him when he leaves the country. As soon as they are able to, they report on the Claw city that they saw on their desperate trek across the desert.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Speaker, the Roman timeline, the Oueztecan timeline, Town Ball, Communist America, the Chelsea Perkins timeline, The Sheridans and The Claw.

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