Sunday, March 19, 2006

From Is Executed; Fudge Is Chosen

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March 19th, 2006

in 1474 AUC, the moon is swallowed in the sky over Babylon. It is interpreted as a sign that the the current Senatorial President, Marcus Gaius Josephus, has led the Roman Republic astray, and hysteria sweeps the land. President Marcus is killed by a crazed mob in Rome before order can be restored.

in 4306, renowned artist Hasegawa Tohaku died in his home in Edo, Nippon. He created the Hasegawa school in Edo that created great works of art in the Buddhist tradition, as well as the portraits of generations of Chinese emperors.

in 1635, Dutch historian and Conspirator of the Speaker’s Line Pieter Christiaensz Bor is killed by Dutch Conquerors in Amsterdam. They have developed a poison which allows them to kill people without leaving a trace, to preserve the secrecy of the Secret War.

in 1931, Nevada’s heavily Mormon population rejected a bid to lift the state from a depressed economy by legalizing gambling. Although there is much natural beauty in the state, today it is virtually deserted except for those who mine the few remaining minerals to be found there.

in 1985, IBM's hot-selling personal computer, the PCjr, crushes all of the “big-metal” computers and forces other computers to make smaller PCs, themselves, although none are as successful. Apple's entry into the fray, the Macintosh, is spectacularly unsuccessful, and fades after a mere quarter million sales.

in 1997, General Al From is executed for his participation in a plot to kill President Ralph Shephard. Several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had participated in the plan, hoping that they could preserve America’s sovereignty by killing the man who had led them into this war against the world. Unfortunately, President Shephard found out, and dealt with his enemies as harshly as possible.

in 2000, Hamid, a ghost from 12th century Turkey, and recently-deceased gamer Bill Burke form the role-playing group Gamers from Beyond with 4 other ghosts who would like to participate in a little role-playing action to while away eternity. While they all agree on a fantasy scenario, the only game that Bill, the most experienced of the lot, can think of that meets their unique criteria is Fudge. That night, they begin their campaign.

in 2004, Livinia Sheridan fine-tunes the sensors on her ship to locate the specific chemical components that they know are in the methane crabs of Titan. Using her new sensors, she is able to detect a presence on Australia’s shore, but it doesn’t match the shape of the crabs – in fact, it has no shape at all. She advises the Australian army to pull back while she and her husband Jacob study this new information.

in 2005, the Save Earthers who have captured Dr. R.D. Reilly sneak him into a friendly hospital and x-ray his hands. When the rays hit him, though, the machine goes haywire, and almost explodes before they can shut it down. Reilly laughs at the Save Earthers and tells them, “You think your primitive little voodoo machines can work on one of us?”

Timelines in today's post: the Speaker, the Roman timeline, the Chinese Empire, The Claw, the Ralph Shephard timeline and The Sheridans

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