Friday, March 24, 2006

Elizabeth, Longfellow Pass On

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March 24th, 2006

in 1603, the female pope, Elizabeth I, of the Holy British Empire dies in London. In spite of initial trepidation at her rule, she turned out to be one of the greatest Popes the Empire had ever known, expanding Christendom across the oceans and onto all other known continents.

in 1765, the British Parliament passes the Quartering Act, establishing the rules under which British troops can be housed in the American and Canadian colonies. Outrage over the callous way that the mother country treats their property prompts many North Americans to begin thinking of severing their ties to the crown, although only the Canadians are successful.

in 1882, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of the North American Confederation dies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His Song of M’ch’Ch’mai, about the first Mlosh explorers of the continent, is still hailed today as one of the greatest of the 19th century’s writings.

in 1944, Orde Wingate, a British convert and general in the Greater Zionist Resistance, is shot down by German Reich Luftwaffe over Burma. Wingate had been a natural at guerilla tactics, and joined the G.Z.R. after his own government proved unwilling to fight the rising fascist movement.

in 1964, the Rosenberg half-dollar is issued. Commemorating Comrade President Joel Rosenberg, slain in Dallas two years before, the coin proves wildly popular and the comrade’s face becomes the permanent symbol on the half-dollar the next year.

in 1993, American troops occupy San Salvador, El Salvador. After this small nation falls to the Constitutionalist President Ralph Sheridan, most of Central America surrenders, and South America’s nations brace for war. Brazil immediately seeks assistance from Portugal and asks the rest of Europe to help stem the onslaught of the Constitutionalists.

in 1998, a malfunctioning fire alarm saved a school in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Assistant Principal Terry Trotter found a young boy, Andrew Golden, yanking on the alarm in order to drive all the students out of the school. After questioning the boy about this, Trotter called the police, who found an accomplice of Golden’s, Mitchell Johnson, in the woods outside the school, with a rifle and extra ammunition. When the police came, he surrendered without a struggle.

in 1999, Republican pressure forces American President Bill Clinton to withdraw from the NATO campaign to halt Yugoslavian aggression in the Kosovo province. Without American air power, NATO forces battle for two years to halt the war in that region, before the return of a Democratic Congress allows President Al Gore to send forces in support of NATO and end the war.

in 2004, Prime Minister Howard of Australia decorates the Sheridans at a ceremony in Sydney, and again gives them the thanks of a grateful nation and world. “This is getting to be a bit of a habit,” Jacob Sheridan says as he accepts his medal. Livinia Sheridan is already preparing for their trip to Titan to see if they can pick up any more of the strange creatures they were fighting.

Timelines in today's post: the Holy British Empire, the Mlosh, Canadian Independence, the GZR, Communist America, the Ralph Shephard timeline, and The Sheridans.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Pick one:

November 19, 2008
Livinia and Jacob Sheridan's infant son, Ralph Sheridan, is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger calling himself Tolman. The kidnapper supposedly took the child, told his parents, "This boy is destined for greater things than saving the world. He will rule it" and disappeared into thin air.
Police put this part of the story down to the imagination of the boy's parents, until the man Tolman was captured several months later. Although protesting his innocence, his description matched exactly that of the kidnapper, and he was positively identified as such. However, he vanishedd while in a holding cell. There were no signs of an escape.

24 March 2006
Robbie Taylor confuses two of his entries on his weblog, Today in Alternate History, and writes Ralph Sheridan instead of Ralph Shephard in one of them.

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