Sunday, September 10, 2006

Battle Of Birmingham

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September 10th, 2006

in 1571, Aztec warriors attack the British and French allies outside the village of Birmingham in the West Midlands. For the first time in the war, the allies win a victory, and drive the Aztec away. A Spanish division was supposed to provide support for the Aztecs, but never appeared on the field of battle. When Mectezuma heard of this defeat in London, he ordered the sacrifice of the Spanish commander, Miguel Del Corazon. The Spanish refused to turn him over, and spirited him out of the country, back to Spain. Mectezuma, infuriated at this Spanish rebellion against him, instead sacrificed a hundred soldiers of the Spanish division that hadn't fought in the Battle of Birmingham. He also sent back to the empire for reinforcements to his expeditionary force in England; he realized that he might be facing Spanish opposition, as well as French and British, any day now.

in 1984, former Vice-President Walter Mondale announced his plan to cure the federal budget deficit that had grown so huge under President Ronald Reagan. The plan raised taxes slightly on the wealthy and large corporations, whose proponents immediately derided that plan as “typical liberal tax and spend.” Mondale, prepared for this strategy, attacked back, calling the Republican strategy, “Borrow and spend, spend, spend – and hope that your kids don't mind the bill you've left them.” America took a long, hard look at the somewhat selfish economic policies of the Reagan administration, and narrowly voted Mondale into office, along with a slim majority in the House and Senate. Mondale's plan, slightly modified in order to pass a hostile Congress, did indeed turn the deficit into a surplus by the end of Mondale's first term in 1988, and he ran for reelection with a healthy economy producing millions of jobs, easily defeating the Republican candidate, former Vice-President George Bush. During his second inaugural speech, President Mondale said, “You know, honesty sometimes is the best policy.”

in 1993, the controversial documentary The X-Files, a program committed to solving cases shuffled to the bottom of the FBI's file listings because of their bizarre, paranormal nature, debuts on the new Fox channel. Hosted by relative unknowns Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, the program explodes in popularity, even winning its time-slot against shows from the more established television networks. Anderson and Duchovny prove to be a winning combination, presenting the evidence for the existence of UFOs and supernatural creatures with passion tempered slightly by reason.

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