Sunday, September 03, 2006

Spanish Arrive In London

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September 3rd, 2006

in 1571, Spanish reinforcements finally arrive in London, in time to see the sacrifice of 10 English soldiers to the Aztec sun god, Huitzilopochtli. Although this nauseates the vast majority of the Spanish soldiers, their leaders realize that saying anything to the Aztecs would bring an invitation to join the poor unfortunate men getting their hearts cut out, so they order silence in the ranks. Since Mectezuma considers the Spanish as barbarous as the English, he orders the Spanish soldiers to assume security duties in London, his first tactical mistake in the war. Because of the sacrifice, many of the Spaniards have begun to feel sympathy towards the English, and the London Underground uses this sympathy; they target Aztec installations in the city, and the Spaniards can often be convinced to look the other way. Also, they leak out word of the sacrifice to the English countryside, and Queen Elizabeth uses it as a rallying cry for her people, who are now gathering to her side in droves.

in 1980, a scant 2 months before the presidential contest between Republican Pat Garret and Democrat Paul Green is decided, Soviet troops roll into West Berlin, easily ousting the handful of British and French soldiers guarding the city. America had been pulling away from its foreign military obligations for 9 years, ever since full energy independence had been realized in 1971. America's old allies plead for help, but incumbent President Charles Evans refuses with the infamous statement, “Europe's problems should be handled by the Europeans.” A few prominent corporations do business in Europe and are dismayed at the fall of West Berlin, and they try to exert some pressure on President Evans to do something, but he is adamant in his refusal. They then appeal to the more business-friendly Garret, who tests the waters a bit with a speech in Ohio saying that “America should always stand ready to aid its old friends.” When national pundits and his Democratic opponent take him to task over this, he immediately backs down. Because of this, Green wins the election in November, and Europe prepares for a war in Germany without help from the United States.

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Max said...

Huh, in this timeline the London Underground *is* a political movement.

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