Friday, September 22, 2006

Ben Jonson Sentenced To Death

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September 22nd, 2006

in 1598, London playwright Ben Jonson is sentenced to be hung after killing an actor in a duel. Before the sentence could be announced, though, Jonson claimed the right to be sentenced by a church court, which were famous for their light punishments. The judge, Samuel Arkham, had no love for the literary and performing arts, and was loathe to let this miscreant leave his court alive. He tossed aside Jonson's request and ordered his sentence to be carried out immediately. When word reached the church, as well as the royal court, where Jonson was a favorite, Arkham was removed from his position, and very nearly hung, himself. London's theatrical community mourned the loss of one of their brightest stars; his old rival, William Shakespeare, even penned a memorial play, The Rough-Hewn Man.

in 1972, four police officer accompany Doctor Roman Pelliot into the cave at Lascaux and make their way back to the forgotten passage. Dr. Pelliot, who had worked in the cave for 6 years, knew about the passage, but had never been back there. When he had first joined the project, some of the older employees had told him that part of the cave was haunted. When they saw the body of Doctor Phillipe de la Roscaux, he thought he had found the origin of that rumor. The police concentrated on examining the body, and Pelliot watched them to make sure their work wouldn't harm the cave. When they were wrapping up the body to take it outside, though, one of the investigators said, “Did you hear that?” They all became very quiet, and heard a very distinct scraping sound. Dr. Pelliot cast his flashlight around the chamber, getting glimpses of the drawings on the walls. Two of the officers draw their weapons, and Pelliot shouts at them not to fire; “Please, the cave is priceless!” But, when they all see something move in a far corner of the cave, he loses his resolve to protect the cave. Several shots ring out, and then they flee the passage, dragging Dr. de la Roscaux's body with them. One of the officers asks Pelliot, “What was that?” He can only reply, “I have no idea. But I will find out.” He places a call to an old associate in Paris and asks him to catch the first train down.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Don't you mean "his old rival, Francis Bacon"?

Robbie Taylor said...

Ah, I was wondering if anybody would remember that timeline...

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