Monday, September 18, 2006

Elizabeth Returns To London

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September 18th, 2006

in 1571, Queen Elizabeth returns to the ruins of London. The dead lie so thick on the the streets that it is hard to move about without stepping on a corpse, but she stoically tours the city, giving comfort to the few survivors that evaded the Aztec occupiers. She orders the enemy sailors and soldiers that were captured in the battle off of the country's northern coast to be put to work rebuilding her country. She leaves the city afterwards, and tells her closest advisors that she cannot bear the thought of living in that formerly great city again. When they tell her that a different capitol can be built elsewhere in the country, she rebukes them, saying, “London is the beating heart of England, and no foreigner will ever be allowed to still that heart. London will rise again, and I shall sit upon my throne there, no matter what my personal feelings are.”

in 1961, Doctor Phillipe de la Roscaux pays what will be his last visit to the cave at Lascaux. When he goes to the forbidden passage to assure himself that it is sealed away from human eyes, an earthquake rumbles through the cave system, opening the passage and tumbling him into it. Just as de la Roscaux is regaining his footing, the last trembles of the quake seal him in. He cries out for help for hours, but no one hears. He does not die of thirst of hunger, though – his last few hours are ones of sheer terror that bring on a heart attack. He remains undisturbed in the forbidden passage for years, until the last person who had been given personal instructions by him about the passage leaves their employment in the cave, and new people are brought in to maintain the ancient wonder.

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