Thursday, September 07, 2006

Submersible Opens New Front In Warfare

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September 7th, 2006

in 1776, a new front is opened in war as a submersible is piloted into New York Harbor, underwater, and used to blow up the HMS Eagle, British Admiral Richard Howe's flagship. The Turtle, a submersible that had been donated to the American rebel cause by inventor David Bushnell, proved so deadly that General George Washington immediately commissioned 4 more and had Bushnell train sailors in its operation. Bushnell himself had piloted the craft when it sunk the Eagle, but was so physically weak that the trip had nearly killed him. He eagerly taught the young, tough sailors Washington sent the workings of his machine, and soon the American submersibles were wreaking havoc against the British navy. The Brits sought their own submersibles from the Dutch too late in the war to make a difference, but in every sea-faring war from then on, the submersible became an invaluable weapon of navies everywhere.

in 1980, although the British Royal Air Force continues to harass them, the combined Soviet and East German forces repel the French and West German ground troops from Berlin. In Moscow, the Politburo formally declares war against the western allies; Britain, France and West Germany reciprocate in a matter of hours. Italy, Austria and Greece announce that they will support the West Germans if an attempt is made to forcibly unify the German people. On the campaign trail in America, President Charles Evans is asked if the war in Europe will have any consequences for the United States, and he replies, “Yes. I'm sure that it'll bring a lot Europeans over here, looking for the peace, stability and prosperity that America has secured for itself by avoiding international entanglements.” The wild cheers that greet this statement back up the polls that show that over 65% of the American public wants nothing to do with the war beginning in Europe.

in 1996, a horrific incident causes rapper Tupac Shakur to leave his “gangsta” image behind; as he and Death Row Records producer Suge Knight are leaving a boxing match, another car pulled up beside them and riddled them with bullets. Shakur was only grazed, but Knight was hit by shot after shot. Shakur's driver sped them to the hospital, but Knight was dead on arrival. After getting his own small wound treated, Shakur appeared before the gathered press and said that he was going to need to take a break from his public appearances after this; he went back to his home in Maryland and was not heard from for several months. Then, in 1997, he produced his groundbreaking album, For Suge, with the hit single Blood can't pay back blood, a fierce message calling for an end to the violent feuds among so many people that Shakur associated with. Shakur personally began working with youth and gangs across the country to bring an end to violence; his personal crusade brought him close to death more than once, but after what he had seen in that car in Las Vegas, he no longer had any fear. He proved spectacularly successful at mediating gang disputes, and at one point was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. His last couple of albums have suffered from “preachiness” according to critics in the hip-hop scene, but his personal popularity has never faded.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Err...I don't think Nobel Prize nominations are released to the public...

Robbie Taylor said...

Although the nominations are initially kept secret, it does sometimes leak out, and historical nominations from the last century have been released publicly. Besides, we alternate historians have access to all sorts of official records, don't you know?


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