Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bolingbroke Executed

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September 30th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: Today's Lascaux Cave entry is somewhat graphic, so please read it with that in mind. Don't say we didn't warn you.

in 1399, Henry Bolingbroke is captured and executed by supporters of the true English king, Richard II, as he attempts to usurp the throne. Although Richard was often perceived as a weak and indecisive king, he was still the one true king, and Bolingbroke had little popular support. With this rebellion dealt with, Richard II reigned without incident until his death in 1415. He left behind a young son, Richard III, who was 12 when he assumed the throne from his father. He was a virtual puppet for his grandfather, Charles VI of France, until his 18th birthday, when his mother convinced him that the English deserved a king who was his own man. Queen Mother Isabella had detested her father ever since he had given her to Richard II as a bride when she was a mere 7 years old, and had come to love the country in which she had spent almost all of her life. It was rumored that she sang a happy little song when King Charles died in 1422, but it is certain that she advised King Richard to press his claim on the French throne, which he did with little opposition, since France was in great disarray after Charles' death. Richard III proved to be nothing like his father, owing to his mother's strength as an advisor, and ruled for 65 years, expanding English dominion over half of Europe.

in 1972, as the morning light dawns, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Officer Xavier Hely dive into the Lascaux Cave, hoping against hope that they will find Doctor Roman Pelliot alive in the horrific forgotten passageway. Both men had been involved in the hunt the previous night, and had not slept. They were fighting exhaustion as well as their own fear of what was in that dark, terrible chamber, and Officer Hely was grieving for his partner, Jean-Paul Theriot, whom they had found dead during the hunt. “Promise me that you will not let them get me, Professor,” Hely asked Ainsworth. “I would rather be dead from a quick bullet than be torn like Jean-Paul.” Ainsworth tried to reassure the officer that he didn't plan on either of them dying. “It would be a poor rescue mission indeed if we lost half the rescuers for one man,” he said, attempting to lighten their mood. When they reached the forgotten chamber, Professor Ainsworth put fuel into his generator and turned the lamp back on. Officer Hely nearly dropped his gun at the sights that greeted him, and Ainsworth warned him, “Don't look up.” Unfortunately, they didn't see Pelliot anywhere in the chamber, and were about to leave when Hely felt something wet brush his cheek. He slowly, regretfully, craned his neck to examine the ceiling, and shouted in horror when he saw Dr. Pelliot hanging there, crucified against the roof, in the midst of what seemed to be hundreds of mummified corpses that had been given a similar treatment. Professor Ainsworth shouted up to him, “Roman, are you still alive?” Dr. Pelliot let out a soft groan, and the pair immediately went for a ladder, which they used to lower the doctor as gently as they could from the roof. As soon as their feet touched the ground, they were running for the cave's entrance, and Officer Hely collapsed onto the ground. “What manner of people are we up against, Professor Ainsworth?” Ainsworth, who was struggling Pelliot into his car, said, “The kind you have nightmares about.”

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