Saturday, September 16, 2006

Elizabeth's Vow Of Vengeance

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September 16th, 2006

in 1571, Queen Elizabeth receives the news of London's destruction at the hands of Aztec Emperor Mectezuma from a messenger who weeps openly when he tells her of the multitudes of the dead. She embraces him and tells him, “England shall be avenged for this, never fear. We shall rise from this day stronger than before, and we will make these barbarians pay a price most dear.” She orders all of the ships at England's command, which include over a dozen French gunboats, to sail after the retreating Aztec fleet. She is offered, much to her surprise, aid from the Spanish armada; the Spanish admiral in charge of the fleet, Jose Sanchez de la Gravina, was incensed at the betrayal of the Aztecs and their murder of Spanish soldiers. Elizabeth gratefully accepted the aid, which brought their numbers closer to the Aztecs'.

in 1955, the arguments of Doctor Phillipe de la Roscaux to close the cave at Lascaux finally win acceptance, and the archaeological committee in charge of the cave creates a mock-up in another location and closes the actual cave. Doctor de la Roscaux breathes a sigh of relief; he uses his influence to get people he knows into the cave maintenance positions that the Lascaux committee creates. He tells them of the secret passage, and warns them that this must be kept from the public at all costs.

in 1982, the Lebanese Christian militia known as the Phalangists are ordered to guard West Beirut while the occupying Israeli army searches nearby refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila for terrorists. The Phalangists ask to be allowed to search the camps themselves, but the Israeli command fears that they want revenge for the recent death of the Christian leader Bachir Gemayel, and refuses. For good reason, as it turns out, because they are soon called back to West Beirut from their search missions in order to stop the Phalangists from attacking unarmed civilians in the suburb. The Israelis are soon forced to realize that the militia is an expensive ally – they create more enemies than they defeat. They disband the Phalangists and incorporate them into a support force led by the Israeli Defense Force in order to calm the civil war raging in Lebanon.

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