Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Charges Dropped Against Chicago 8

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September 26th, 2006

in 1583, Sir Francis Drake arrives at the court of Emperor Hoatchitepe of the Aztecs, bearing an invitation from Queen Elizabeth of England to his majesty. She asks to meet with him in the British colony of Drakesburg in the Iroquois Confederation. The two had been corresponding since Hoatchitepe's ascension at his father's death, and they were becoming increasingly familiar with each other. Queen Elizabeth was almost 15 years the Emperor's senior, but the two were surprised at how much they had in common. Hoatchitepe agreed to the meeting and prepared a small, loyal and discreet entourage to accompany him to the north.

in 1969, at the urging of President Johnson, charges against the so-called Chicago Eight are dropped. The leaders of the Yippie, MOBE and Black Panthers had been accused of pagefuls of charges, but President Johnson felt it would be better for the nation if they simply put the chaos of the Democratic National Convention behind them. When they had burst onto the floor of the convention and started chanting, he had taken control and negotiated a truce with them; he had been on the verge of a peace treaty in Vietnam, anyway, and promised them that the war was almost over, if they would just be patient. Johnson's surprising charm and willingness to talk with them moved them to give him a chance, and, in a surprising move, the delegates at the convention began calling for Johnson to run again for reelection, in spite of his pledge not to. The very next vote, in fact, was an almost unanimous one for him. Hubert Humphrey even promised to stay on as his vice-president if he took up the mantle of the party again. Moved by this show of support, Johnson accepted the nomination and was able to defeat Richard Nixon in the general election after the successful conclusion of the peace treaty in October.

in 1972, Professor Karl Ainsworth and Doctor Roman Pelliot go back into the Lascaux Cave's forgotten passageway. The generator pumping power to the lamp was dead, so they both carried flashlights. Professor Ainsworth saw the camera he had dropped and retrieved it quickly, but on their hurried way out of the chamber, he noticed that the odd symbol at the entrance was completely gone – he flashed his light around for a bit, but it was nowhere to be found. Dr. Pelliot told him to hurry, and he forgot about it and they left the cave. Once they were outside, Ainsworth checked his camera and saw that it was damaged badly – far more than it should have been from a little drop. It almost looked liked someone had stomped on it – but Pelliot hadn't been anywhere near the camera when they fled the cave. “Someone else has been in there, Roman,” he said to Dr. Pelliot.

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