Friday, September 15, 2006

Sacrifice Of London

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September 15th, 2006

in 1571, the warriors of Mectezuma gather in London, much to the dismay of the city's inhabitants. All of the Aztec emperor's ships also wait for his orders in the harbors of the city. When the last of his warriors arrives, Mectezuma addresses them, saying, “We came to this land to punish the English barbarians for their arrogance. Although we are mighty, and we have defeated them soundly, there are too few of us to control them. We cannot trust the Spanish dogs who have pledged their loyalty to us, because their loyalties are like the wind. Therefore, we will leave this land today – but there will be a sacrifice before we depart.” The Aztecs then turned on the citizens of London and the Spanish soldiers who were ostensibly their allies, and killed indiscriminately for hours. Refugees streamed out of the city, but thousands were slaughtered in the bloodbath before Mectezuma and his warriors set sail for the west.

in 1963, a bomb planted in a church in Birmingham, Alabama kills four young girls who had been attending services there. This crime horrifies the black and white community in the city, and 4 members of the Ku Klux Klan are arrested for the crime. Although there is some resistance to their prosecution at first, the image of the poor girls who had been killed haunts the city, and the District Attorney is forced to bring them to trial. He assigns the case to a young man who had, in the past, been very reliable in not securing convictions against Klansmen. This case is different for Ron Hartman, though, and he enters into it with all his heart. “These four innocent children,” he tells the jury in his summation, “deserve justice. I ask you today to be blind to the color of their skin, and give them what they need to set their souls to rest. The world is watching how you vote today; don't make us ashamed.” The jury, after many hours of very heated deliberation, did finally return a guilty verdict on the defendants, and the judge sentenced them to 10 years, a light sentence that Hartman protested to no avail. After this case, Hartman left the DA's office to work for the civil rights movement.

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