Sunday, October 01, 2006

Imperial Tryst

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October 1st, 2006

in 1583, Queen Elizabeth of England and Emperor Hoatchitepe of the Aztec Empire meet in person for the first time in Drakesburg, an English colony in the Iroquois Confederation. They are immediately taken with each other, in spite of the difference in ages, and spend the next few days in each other's company. Lord Sir Francis Drake, governor of Drakesburg, tries to keep their tryst secret, but visitors to the colony leave for England with news of the Queen's intercontinental romance. A few Aztec merchants doing business with the Iroquois also leave the colony with news of their emperor's new love, and within a few weeks, both sides of the Atlantic are buzzing with rumors of the love affair between the English and Aztec rulers.

in 1936, General Francisco Franco, in spite of misgivings about the leftist nature of the Republicans, joins with them against the fascist-supported Nationalists in Spain's violent civil war. Without competent military leadership, the nationalists are unable to defeat the Republicans, even with the generous assistance of fellow fascists from Italy and Germany. The bloody war becomes part of the greater continental war when German troops invade Spain in 1941. The Republicans become the most successful resistance movement against German aggression in the European theater of World War II, and provide a staging ground for the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944, as well as the most seasoned and successful troops in the war. When Germany is defeated in 1945, Spain becomes a mildly socialist democracy, and a major supporter of peace movements throughout the world.

in 1972, as Doctor Roman Pelliot hovers near death in the hospital, Officer Xavier Hely of the Montignac police department tries to get the full story from Professor Karl Ainsworth. “I have studied aberrant cults my entire professional career,” he began. “I have always theorized that there was one ancient cult from which all the worst religious impulses of humanity flowed; one which worshiped hideous creatures that demanded blood sacrifice, and had to be kept at bay with strong magic lest they take their worshipers just as willingly as the sacrifices. The drawings in that passageway in the Lascaux Cave are proof of that cult. And, unfortunately, I believe that we have awoken them.”

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