Thursday, June 10, 2004

Nothing Happened

June 10th, 2004

This day was uneventful across all dimensions. It is being studied by alternate historians for its singularity.


Carl said...

Not exactly true :

June 10th in History
1909: SOS signal used as an emergency call for the first time
1943: The ballpoint pen patented in the United States
1950: The West turns down Soviet plans to reunify Germany
1971: Us lift 21 year trade embargo on China
1979: First ever European Assembly elections

I'm sure an alternate history of the soviet plans would have made for an interesting Europe, nearly forty years before it finally happened.

Robbie Taylor said...

You got me. I got lazy yesterday. :)

Anonymous said...

Well certainly, that confluence of non-happenings surely makes it one of the most interesting days in all history.

(cf Sherlock Holmes)

Anonymous said...

dude alexander the great died, imagine if he kept conquering

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