Friday, June 11, 2004

Human League Formed In Great Britain; Christmas Truce Rebellion

June 11th, 2004

in 1861, Lyle Fitz-Warren and Brent Carpenter met in Fitz-Warren's London apartment to discuss Mlosh infiltration into British society. Both men had an intense fear and hatred of the alien race, and resented the warping effect they had had on human civilization. Together, they vowed to bring an end to the Mlosh presence, and created a charter for their group, which they named the Human League.

in 4561, Siamese troops arrived at Hanoi to reinforce the Chinese. The Viet inside Hanoi began building tunnels underneath the city to provide escape routes for all the non-combatants. The system of tunnels survives to this day, and is a popular Imperial tourist destination.

in 1901, President McKinley is shot by a radical Spaniard in retribution for the Spanish-American War. He dies immediately, and his Vice-President, William H. Taft, is sworn in as the 26th President of the United States.

in 1915, British and German troops that have refused to fight each other since the Christmas truce are attacked on either side by reinforcements sent from their respective countries. This plan backfires as the reinforcements, realizing they are firing on their own countrymen, also go over to the pacifist side. By the end of June, all troops in Europe return to their countries of origin and begin toppling the governments. Royalty across the continent flees in panic.

in 1925, Dynamic Pictures, Thomas Edison's film company, produces The Sounds Of The Night, a horror film starring Lon Chaney as a werewolf. The unremarkable plot and acting are not the reason the film breaks all box-office records; instead, people flock to see the movie because of the incredible transformation sequence of Chaney into the wolf, and because it is the first film produced with sound. Edison had resisted the innovation since his engineering teams had first been able to do it in 1907, but the success of Chaney's film makes a believer of him.

in 1952, Douglas MacArthur defeats his old boss, Dwight Eisenhower, in the Missouri Republican primary, and secures enough delegates to win the nomination of the party as its presidential candidate. He goes on to be trounced soundly in the general election, and never returns to politics, but simply fades away.

in 1982, a car engine that runs on water - by breaking it down into hydrogen and oxygen - is developed and marketed by EcoMotors. This company is part of President Carter's energy initiative, a massive government program designed to wean the US from foreign oil. By the end of President Mondale's second term, US oil consumption has dropped 75%.

in 2001, the Union of Town Ball Players strikes for more control of the game. The T-Ballers eventually win a portion of gate receipts from the owners, an important step in helping the players make living wages from their profession.

in 2002, obscure New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson releases the first film in what becomes the best-selling series ever released - The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

"in 1982, a car engine that runs on water - by breaking it down into hydrogen and oxygen - is developed and marketed by EcoMotors." This one isn't so much alternate history as alternate physics. Breaking down water into Hydrogen & Oxygen consumes energy,it doesn't release it. You can burn Hydrogen, or combine it with Oxygen in a fuel cell to make power, but it's a physical & chemical impossibility to break water down & end up with more energy.


Robbie Taylor said...

My wording is not the best, since these are short blurbs, but the meaning of the car that runs on water was meant to imply that the car burns hydrogen. But, perhaps I could take a brief bender into the world of alternate physics; after all, I already have a few paranormal events listed. ;)

Daedreem said...

"To understand how these water-fuel systems work, it helps to begin by realizing that ordinary water is actually a "battery" containing vast amounts of energy. Water is H2O — two parts hydrogen combined with one part oxygen. And, as President Bush says, hydrogen is an excellent fuel.

The amount of energy in the water molecule is thus vast, and has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of energy it takes to break down that molecule. This is an extremely important point, as so many people — even scientists — are unclear on this concept. And yet if we can find an economical means to break down the water molecule, our energy problems are over."

Anonymous said...

^ Hah, well that really is alternate physics. Wacky.

Anonymous said...

Well, if President Bush says so, I'm convinced.

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