Monday, June 07, 2004

Bestselling Car Of All Time: The Edsel

June 7th, 2004

in 1893, Indian revolutionary Mohandas K. Gandhi organizes a guerilla cell in South Africa to struggle against the government there. Fueled by his hatred of the British, and his successes in warfare in South Africa, Gandhi returned to his homeland and ignited violent rebellion there. His name was forever after linked with violent resistance to colonial government.

in 1954, the bestselling car of all time, the Edsel, is introduced in Detroit.

in 1976, hot off the success of American Graffiti, director George Lucas begins work on a science fiction film that he has written himself, based on old film serials. Unfortunately for him, and everyone involved, the picture runs horribly over-budget and the studio barely advertises it at all. The name Star Wars becomes synonymous with movie failure from that point on.

in 1988, Senator Gary Hart of Colorado secures the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Much mud has been slung at the Senator, but the public doesn't seem to see anything bad about him. In the general election, with Texas senator Lloyd Benson at his side, he demolishes the unpopular Republican candidate, Vice-President Gerald Ford.

in 1997, a condom manufacturer delivers a small case of its product to the White House. The rest of Bill Clinton's second term is quietly uneventful.

in 1377, Malik al-Hajj al-Shabazz rises to lead the people of Africa to independence from Islam. While professing adoration of the Prophet and Allah, al-Shabazz says that subservience to other men is not the destiny of the African. His message resonates with oppressed people throughout Islam.

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