Sunday, June 13, 2004

Trojan Forces Invade Greece

June 13th, 2004

in the Dreaming, Wandjina came to the people of Pindanjaru with much wisdom. He spoke of caring for the land, of building a bridge to the stars, and of the coming of the pale men. He promised to return on that day to defend the Dreaming against their invasion.

in 1149 B.C., Trojan forces landed on the shores of Greece, and began a 10-year siege of the peninsula.

in the 3rd year of Usermaatreakhenamun's Reign, a vision of Egypt destroyed came to him in a dream. The young pharaoh had been sickly, but this dream filled him with strength. He began to eat only fresh vegetables and meats, and soon his strength grew. By the end of his 53-year reign, Usermaatreakhenamun had conquered half of the known world, and Egypt would never be in danger of destruction again.

in Kaliyuga 597, Gauthama Siddhartha, a prince of India, sat beneath a tree and meditated. The riches of his people were before him, privilege and honor enough for 10 nobles. But he knew nothing of poverty. After much meditation, he decided he preferred it that way. He became a hideous tyrant, conquering the lands to the north as well as other Hindi.

in 1304, so-called "Protestants" founded the city of Jesu, in France. Worshipping in secret, the Protestants grew in number in the region until they felt strong enough to attempt secession from the Holy British Empire.

in 1789, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton served a dessert treat for General George Washington, a dish called ice cream. It was not received well, and has never been a popular sweet since.

in 4561, in a desparate attempt to gain access to food from farmlands around the city, troops in Hanoi burst through the Chinese siege forces in a bloody battle lasting half the day.

in 1892, Sir Basil Rathbone, famed director of the British cinema, was born. Early in his career he had tried his hand at acting, but was such a miserable failure that after only one or two films spent the rest of his career behind the camera.

in 1947, Japanese forces consolidated their hold on Canada, and agreed to a truce with the US. Until Emperor Hirohito's death in 1989, the border of Japanese Canada and the US was the longest militarized border in the world.

in 1964, attempting to capitalize on Pete Best's success, his former bandmates, the Silver Beatles, release old recordings that had been made of him playing with them. Bestmania being rampant across the world, the recordings gave these men, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison, a good living for several years.


brendan said...

I managed to track down some of the Silver Beetles stuff at a record fair - not exactly earth-shaking stuff, but not bad either. Some of it sounds a bit like Badfinger, the Welsh band that Best signed to his Windows label in the Seventies.

Anonymous said...

Badfinger was so commercial compared to his solo work, though.

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