Tuesday, June 08, 2004

First Contact Is Made With Alien Civilization

June 8th, 2004

in 1783, the Laki volcano in Iceland was contained by Mlosh technology as it erupted. The thousands of people near the volcano were profoundly grateful to the Mlosh, and from that point on, had a warm relationship with their alien neighbors.

in 4561, Chinese forces brought in the newly-developed Air Rafts, single-man bombing aircraft that allowed them to pinpoint targets within Hanoi. Viet forces within the city now had to watch the sky as well as the walls.

in 1880, Communist Party Chairman Chester A. Arthur is chosen as the party’s presidential candidate. Arthur goes on to win the general election, but loses the White House after one term.

in 1245, two devout young men of European descent honor Allah by creating a powered aircraft. They name it the Wings of Gabriel; the maiden flight lasts a mere 2 minutes, but is hailed as a great advance by scientists throughout Islam.

in 1933, Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electronics, is taken over by rival Pascal, LLC. Unable to beat the genius when he was alive, the French program company finally beats him after his death. Development on the hardware of the Eddies slows somewhat as the company begins to focus on the various uses a difference engine can be put to in a home or small business. This is often looked at as the real beginning of the DE revolution; this was when the Knowledge Railroad began to be built.

in 4642, the Ching-Tao telescope on the moon caught a signal from outside of our solar system and relayed it to earth. Interest in the Star Fleet program was instantly rekindled, and Emperor Dao-Ming opened his treasury to it. By the end of the decade, contact had been made between the Empire and the Chdo Democracy.

in 1950, a one-game scoring record was made in a Town Ball game between the Boston Crimson Stockings and the St. Louis Browns. Boston beat St. Louis 19-4.

in 1973, football legend Johnny Unitas signed with the San Diego Chargers for what would be his final season. He led the team to the 1974 Super Bowl, winning in overtime against his old team, the Baltimore Colts, 21-17. The great sportsman was then able to retire as a winner.

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