Saturday, June 12, 2004

Terrorism Strikes The Mlosh

June 12th, 2004

in 1862, the Human League takes credit for a series of bombings against Mlosh citizens of Britain. The Crown vows to catch them, but there are sympathetic elements in Scotland Yard that slow the investigation.

in 1934, Pascal, LLC, with the assistance of Carla Lambert, persuaded Congress to fund a system of linking Eddies together such that they could share information constantly. Using telegraph lines and radio frequencies set aside for them by the Congress, Pascal constructed a Knowledge Railroad that made the almost instantaneous transmission of information possible across the nation.

in 1958, Buddy Holly reunited with his old band, The Crickets, for a successful US tour. This reunion produced such hits as I'll Be Lovin' Her, Puerto Rican Mama, and their remake of I'll Be Seeing You.

in 1977, President Reagan enacted sweeping tax cuts, mostly aimed at the well-to-do, but with some at lower ends of the economic spectrum. They didn't prove to be the stimulus he expected, though, and the nation plunged into a deep recession.

in 1982, King Charles of England called on all exiled nobles of England to return and take their rightful place at his side. He announced a general amnesty for those who had supported the Nazis, and declared that England would rise again to its former glory.

in 1992, filmmaker Oliver Stone releases JBR, in which he attempts to give credence to People's Attorney Presley's arguments that Comrade President Rosenberg was killed by a conspiracy rather than a lone counter-revolutionary. The film is a huge success, prompting the Communist Party to call for its banning.

in 1995, the formal Church of Elvis, Christian, is founded in Memphis, Tennessee. The initial congregation numbers in the hundreds.

in 2000, something stirs in the rubble of the solar system.


Anonymous said...

As a Scot I feel unqualified to comment, but when you say, "in 1977, President Reagan " am I not right in thinking that Reagan was President from 1981 to 1989, so wasn't president then?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Tax Reform of 1987 is what Reagan enacted, not 1977. While it did lower taxes collected from individuals, it also however got rid of many loophole programs where people were hiding money when taxes were high, so the overall effect was neutral.

Robbie Taylor said...

In the timeline listed, Reagan won in his initial presidential campaign of 1976, rather than in his second attempt, in 1980. Therefor, his programs were enacted 4 years earlier in that timeline.

Anonymous said...

congrats, you've been boing-boinged!

btw - any chance of an RSS feed for this excellent blog?


Anonymous said...

Sharon, there is an Atom feed:

Robbie Taylor said...

Wow, this is more comments in one day than I had the whole year I did a web page before... of course, that was in 1996, so I guess there are a few more people online.

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