Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Queen Elizabeth II Crowned In Exile; The Sun Shines At Night In Hanoi

June 2nd, 2004

in 4561, General Ka-Liet of the Viet forces in Hanoi managed to draw a sizable portion of the Chinese forces into a trap; the Viet had managed to capture one of the Sun Bombs that the Emperor's greatest scientists had been working on, and after drawing some 50,000 troops after him into the countryside around the city, he set it off. In one brief flash, the Chinese forces had been cut by a quarter.

in 1882, singer Carla Lambert was born. She caught the eye of Thomas Edison's movie company, Dynamic Pictures, and starred in several films for them. Rumors of an affair between her and Edison were heatedly denied, but she did spend quite a bit of time at his mansion in New Jersey.

in 1922, the Titanic, a huge luxury ocean liner of the White Star line in England, was retired. While it sailed, it was touted as unsinkable, a reputation that White Star used to become the top cruise line of the day.

in 1953, Elizabeth Windsor, daughter of exiled King George VI, was crowned Elizabeth II after her father's passing. The ceremony, held at the British Government-In-Exile's compound in Washington, D.C. was brief and untelevised. Elizabeth herself lived a reclusive life and would die without returning to England, which remained under Nazi control until her son's return in 1982.

in 2000, our solar system was destroyed by the forces of galactic justice in order to contain He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

in 2003, the European Space Agency launched the Mars Express probe. Martian forces terminated it in December, prior to the invasion.


Anonymous said...

I need more information on the descruction of the solar system. I mean, we got another one right?

Robbie Taylor said...

There's always another earth waiting in an alternate universe somewhere...

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