Monday, June 21, 2004

Death Of Santa Anna; Little Wars

June 21st, 2004

in 1788, the colony of New Hampshire elects not to join the fledgling United States, and declares itself a free republic. The republic is beset by financial problems, as its small population consisting mostly of farmers can barely sustain itself during the harsh New England winters. During the War of 1812, it is occupied by British troops and forced to become a province of Canada.

in 1876, Emperor Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, leader of Mexico and the greatest power in North America during his reign, died. In battle, the great general had defeated a rebellion against his rule in the state of Texas, and an invasion of his northwestern borders by the smaller United States of America.

in 1905, young Adolf Schickelgruber entered the Viennese School of Art. On his exit from the famed art college, Schickelgruber led a movement of German artists that attempted to recapture the glory of pagan Germany. His feelings of nationalistic fervor led him into the German army during the Great War, where he was killed in a mustard gas attack. His work has recently sold for as much as US$5 million.

in 1911, noted author H.G. Wells releases a small game he has devised, called Little Wars. It is a wargame where each player takes the side of a small army of miniature figures and leads them in war against the other. It is wildly successful, and spawns an industry of wargame manufacturers

in 1925, hot off the success of his studio’s first talking picture, Thomas Edison releases a new type of record player, as well as a new type of record. The records are magnetic in nature, and the players are able to read the magnetic impulses with an electric stylus. The sound is scratch-free and almost as clear as if you were in the room when it was being recorded. These magno-albums, or Maggies, revolutionize the music industry.

in 1945, American and Canadian forces in the Aleutians surrender to the Japanese. With their capitulation, Japanese forces begin their inexorable march to control of the Canadian mainland.

in 4648, Emperor Dao-Ming flew back to earth with a small group of scientists from the Chdo Democracy. These b’Han, which looked like a cross between grey slugs and dragons, had been trained in chinese culture during their voyage to our solar system, and in spite of the physical difference, Dao felt perfectly at ease with them. This relationship proved valuable to the emperor in the coming years, as his people explored further out into the universe.

in 2003, Russian and Canadian forces engaged the Martians in the Arctic circle, and the world held its breath for the outcome.

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